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Black Teen Shot 3


Just continuing...



"3" wow, I thought you guys would have had this case closed by now :slightly_smiling:


According to some he's already guilty of 1st degree murder, treason, being pasty, racial profiling, and carrying more than 14 clubs in his golf bag. Others are waiting for the facts to come to light. It's a mixed bag, but if you can ignore 2-3 posters, a good discussion.


Truthfully, many of the others who started out as "waiting for the facts to come in" have progressed to vigorously defending Zimmerman.


Has anyone come out with new information about the case? I mean I learned what gun he used a couple days ago (really small Kel tec 9mm) most guys I know that have it don't even bother with clip holsters they use a pocket holster its a nylon cover that you slip the gun into and put in your pocket. NOT SAYING THIS IS WHAT ZIM DID. But its the same pistol

The only other New thing I learned is...well nothing really. Everything else seems to be about both parties past before the actual night.


That hasn't been my observation. I have seen people make a hypothetical defense of Zimmerman based on a lot of "if - then" hypotheticals to fill in information that is either unknown or unsubstantiated, but I have not seen anyone screaming from the mountaintop that he had done nothing wrong or that he is completely justified.


I can't say my view of the case has changed at all. I still think Zim was an dumb ass who profiled the kid as a crook. He did the right thing by calling 911 but the wrong thing by following the kid. They met, struggled and the kid was shot.

My main reason for calling Zim a dumb ass is because he is a CCW holder. And as one he knows he has the power to kill with a slight squeeze of a trigger. We should never temp fate by putting ourselves in harms way since we know we can take a life. He did.



He had a holster.

The Orlando Sentinel is doing a good job separating fact from fiction in this case.


Good Link, but no new news.

That's good because it means the investigators are being careful..at least I hope this is what it means.


The main stream media is doing a very poor job reporting this video. Every headline I've read says "No visible injuries."

First of all, the video is grainy as shit. Second, he was treated by paramedics at the scene. Third, you can clearly see the officer inspecting the back of his head at the 0:50 mark on that link. Fourth, you can see some sort of cut or scar in this still frame.


x2. You can only repeat "we don't have all the facts" so many times. Then it becomes a conversation of comparing "what ifs" given what we know and in some cases simply keeping a handful of posters honest.


At about 1:07 in the video you can see a line in his head. Like you said it is grainy as all hell. But you can see a line/scar of some kind on his head. I'm not even sure why either party would care to argue that part. I thought it was already determined they struggled.


Alleged new photo of Trayvon.

The "finger" looks photo shopped to me to make him look thuggy, but I defer to those in that business.


Why would it matter?


To see if ZImmerman was telling the truth. If you found out he was lying about his injuries, what else is he lying about?


Pretend video evidence doesn't show Zimmerman with the described injuries even though it does.

Oh wait, we're already doing that.

Even if the wounds were exaggerated it wouldn't matter legally. An attack is in attack whether it breaks noses or just stings a little and an attack is definitely a threat of imminent danger, legally justifying a shot. Anyways, video evidence and police reports corroborate the injuries so....

Regarding blood, even if Zimmerman was in the original clothes, the minimal splatter would be hard to discern in a grainy video on a red and black jacket as discussed at the end of the last thread.

And before "Yeah but his grey shirt..."

As X pointed out it was raining. His jacket would've been zipped.


Oh and the rain certainly would've washed blood off a water resistant jacket.


Strange thing to lie about considering he went into the precient. That would be an easy check with the EMT people and the police.


The Martin camp is suggesting a cover up conspiracy by police.


I mean good lord, last night was like three scared kids under a sheet fort with a flashlight telling ghost stories and feeding off of each others fear so much an unexpected phone call sends them jumping. LOL.

Get real, ya'll.