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Black Teen Shot 2



I am not anonym. Concurrent, multiple accounts are not my bag.

What a weak character assassination attempt.

Continuing on, thirdruffian left off with a very objective, on point post.



Hahaha lets see what due process brings


Just to clear this up:

  1. My personal computer does not have restricted Internet access.
  2. A web site titled American Renaissance does not sound racist.
  3. The article does not sound racist.
  4. The facts are backed by major news outlets, which I had linked to in order to CORRECT the story.
  5. Attacking my character because I didn't fully investigate the site I was referencing is weak sauce.
  6. If you feel I have WRITTEN something racist, quote it or STFU.
  7. ID, please reread my remarks about your intellectual "contributions". Consider sticking to "x2-ing" those who are better at this than you.
  8. Not HG. Sorry, fellas.
  9. Again, show some semblance of intellectual honesty and attack the facts rather than writing them off because of the source listed. Remember that they are freely available on numerous other pages.
  10. I always round my lists to ten.


That's what everyone else has been saying all along, while you and the rest of the race-baiting liberal lynch mob (Iron Dwarf et al.) have been calling for his head since day 1.


Uh..... exactly.


Way to make us look independent dude.


Yeah, that's a smiley for tone.


Bah, the hive mind of that particular critic is so nauseatingly overwhelming that the idea of even ATTEMPTING to prove ourselves as "independent" of one another is pretty laughable.


A clarification and a question:

Clarification - streets within gated communities are not public space, nor a most spaces where security guards operate, for they are privates spaces (malls, banks, parking lots, etc. are privately held spaces, as are gated communities. The developer is most likely the owner in the case of the latter.)

Question: why does Zimmerman have the right to confront and question Martin?


If the community was complete, the ownership belongs to the homeowners, who hire property management companies.

This is an interesting point though. Zimmerman, as an owner in the community, was not only attacked but attacked on private property.

Maybe the issue holds validity and maybe not, it would be cool to see links to HOA law.


He probably doesn't have the "right", but if I follow you into a McDonalds and start questioning your poor diet choices, do you have the "right" to kick my ass?

If you decide you do and start pounding on me, do I then have the right to defend my self?


Sidewalks and streets are generally considered public space. Just by being gated wouldn't necessarily change this. Does the community pay for its own road repairs etc stuff like that would come into play. Certainly it would count as a public space for community members and their guests in relation to law. So in this case relevant public space law would or at least could be argued as applying to a victim that lived in or was invited to the community...I believe in fact this is the angle the DOJ is taking.


He legally does. As far as I am aware, in many cases federal and state laws allow the employees of private contractors the right to talk to people, search them, and detain them IF THE PERSONS THEMSELVES AGREE TO IT. They also have the right to call the cops. A security guard is rented. He's an employee of a developer(s), or further management of the property. He legally has the right to have a conversation with him (if whomever in concern is willing), take him into custody (if whoever it is is that stupid to agree to it), and search him(again...). As well as inform the police of any perceived suspicious activity. However, when it comes to the point that you are following a kid, you have notified the police, and 911 has informed you to not pursue, you gtfo. He should not and had no right to be following the kid after notifying 911. Anything illegal which occurred subsequent to that, I think there's a good case against the perpetrator (in this case, Zimmerman).

Looking at the other thread I just don't understand how someone can say "given the fact that were I myself a private security contractor employee, and saw a suspicious individual, notified the police, I would have followed him, chased him, confronted him repeatedly, and then shot him, while the police were on their way to the community to investigate the activity", and then rebuke the fact that they are fucked up with "let's let due process take care of it, stop playing the racism card you collectivist liberal shitheads".


^ The above was in response to Tex Ag's question "Why did Zimmerman have the right etc..." Forgot to quote


Is there a link to the "numerous witnesses" stating they saw Martin attack Zimmerman?


I don't know if he really counts as an employee of the HOA in this case.

There are tons of books and studies on gated communities and their poaching of public resources though. And the legal view is going to be very murky as to whether or not the sidewalks in this community are public or private.

Generally a truly wealthy community will set itself up as a minimum type of municipality which is essentially defacto the HOA. However as time goes on and say the cost of fixing the road or the sewer system etc become cost prohibitive they allow more and more encroachment of the surrounding cities....which they have mostly not wanted because of tax issues; but eventually there is a point where its likely having the gating wouldn't be particularly legal any longer as they are essentially using full city services. Some of the gated communities also eventually ask for full regular police patrols which takes away from them being able to argue they are private as well.

I have no clue about this particular community.


Zimmerman Was on the Ground Being Punched When He Shot Trayvon Martin

It appears 1 witness saw him hitting zimmerman the ground. Also about the line he must have done something really bad to get suspended for 5 days. That is BS I got suspended for a week for driving on the grass in school.. in circles.




When police arrived, Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose and the back of his head. He also had grass stains on the back of his shirt, which is consistent with the statement of a 13 year old boy walking his dog who saw a man in a red shirt (Zimmerman) on the ground being beaten by Trayvon.


Mary Cutcher, another witness, did a TV interview where she claimed "there was no punching, no hitting going on at the time, no wrestling". Sanford police reported that they asked Cutcher twice for a statement, which she refused. They asked a third time and she gave a statement which matched Zimmerman's version of events. It was only when she had the opportunity to get on TV did her story change. As far as I'm concerned she has 0 credibility.



I do believe he got suspended for missing too many classes which as his grades appeared to be good shouldn't really have mattered too much but hardly something really bad.

As a total aside schools these days are almost over the top on suspending for anything.