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Black Sabbath - Reunited


Tony, Geezer, Bill, and Ozzy are back together again. New album planned for fall 2012, backed by a world tour starting in June. I'm as excited as Iron Dwarf is pissed off, LOL.


I hope there is a US date within driving distance. I'm fucking there.


Hey, I don't care that you waste your hard-earned money watching an old washed up Ozzy (as if he was ever amazing) mumble, forget lyrics, miss notes, and grimace behind a faceload of plastic surgery and make-up.



Black Sabbath making a reunion to come back is like KISS telling it will end.

it happens every week.

I would gladly go to the show nonetheless.


Somewhat related, the Cancer Bats have been touring around Canada as "Bat Sabbath" lately and doing a full Black Sabbath cover set. Highly enjoyable, and there are some high quality vids floating around.


Well, well... where the Hell have YOU been?


Combination of things. Decided to take a break from the site (posting anyways, I still read articles and occasionally ventured into the Powerlifting/Nutrition forums to lurk), get my plans for work/school figured out for the next few years, and get my mind straight.

I missed this place and I'm back to contribute more positively.




Welcome back!


Har har har...did anyone fill the void that I left? Or did T-Nation become a land of tolerance?