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Black Peoples' Perception of Racism


Why do black people perceive racism when its quite possible that none was intended?

Call Obama a criminal (McCain too). No problem with the McCain statement, but such a statement about Obama means you are a racist.

In a discussion of MLK, mention that he plagarized his Phd thesis and cheated repeatedly on his wife (both of which his family/friends admit), and you're a racist.

State how you'd like to have Tiki Barber run for President, state that he's articulate (as Joe Biden says), and you're a racist.

Is it paranoia on the part of black people?


You're not even going to try and be stealth about your intentions in these forums anymore, are you?


... he was stealthy once?


Come the fuck on ,HH..this isn't even mildly clever trolling.

Your trolling standards are slipping.

Report card would read:

"C+. Can do better,needs to apply himself more."


Hey, recruiting for the KKK is hard work.

Truth is, I'm fascinated with how Prof X and Big Boss perceive what white Americans say, as being racist. Why does calling someone a criminal make the caller racist? Why does mentioning Dr. King in any other way than worshipful make someone a racist?

I think the dirty little secret is that calling someone racist is a way to attack conservatives. And its evil.


Question #1 I think everyone perceives some form of racism when someone of a different race agitates them. It's not just black people.The way you worded that question worries me a little.

2 I agree with what you said about MLK. I've heard this stuff before but never researched it. I will agree that if you ever mentioned this you'd be called a racist if your white and a "Uncle Tom" if your black.

3 I think that people have a preconcived notion that people of different races are supposed to act a certain way, if you don't fit the stereotype then somthing is wrong. Once, when I was in Japan a young lady struck up a conversation with me. One of the first things she said was I talk "white". Next she asked me what kind of music did I like. She said I should listen to hip hop because it comes from "my people". I then asked her if she knew all the secret moves to the video game Street Figher II. She said she didnt know. I said "But its Japanese, you should know, it came from your people".

In my opinion I think minorities have been given a free pass to be perpetual victims which in turn makes whites forever guilty. I think white guilt is largely to blame.

On the paranoia thing..... I keep a watchful eye of EVERYONE.


I hate the racism thing. I miss one of my best friends from high school who was from the Dominican rep. He really did not give a shit about about race. If someone tried to get all intellectual about that shit he would just say fuck it. If someone did say something that was blatantly racist he just let it roll off. The dude really could not give a shit even though he really was the victim of racism. I wish everyone could see it that way i know i try to.


What strikes me as odd is when Prof X or Big Boss (or any other minority poster) rips into a white candidate, I don't even consider the race of the poster. Yet if I do similar, the first assumption is that I am making racist statements. The Prof is especially keen on doing this.

Ripping on icons is NOT racism. Quoting Bill Cosby about 50% of black students not graduating from high school is NOT racism. Expressing admiration for an intelligent black man is NOT an implication that I think most black men are, by comparison, therefore stupid. It is paranoia.


[quote]Headhunter wrote:
Why do black people perceive racism when its quite possible that none was intended?

Why do WHITE people perceive racism when its quite possible that none was intended?


Interesting thread...you know more about me than I give you credit for,HH....not.

I have called you and Mick28 racists...I will admit that...but what you fail to mention is that I have retracted that as well. My other views of the both of you still stand. I don't freely call anyone "racist."

Whats ironic is that if I question your intentions of the "race related" posts you make,why is it automatically perceived that I am calling you a racist when I haven't stated so?

My attention is always grabbed by the way you generalize black people at times...and not be called on it. You'll take things to being a race issue before I ever will.


I don't know. Why don't you explain it to me?

If you named a fact, for example, about white people (such as 23% of white children born out of wedlock), I wouldn't perceive that as racism BECAUSE YOU WERE STATING A FACT, a documented fact. That is NOT racism.

Now, if I said that 70% to 80% of black children are born out of wedlock (they are), would you perceive that as racism?


Another thing,HH....nothing wrong with stating facts. But when those facts are taken out of context to be use as weak arguing points for trolling and other ignorant posts....would it be any surprise for accusations of racism?

Especially when you put great emphasis on only one side of the coin with your facts...and the timing of when you do so.


No. Statistics aren't racist. The fact that a large proportion of black kids are born out of wedlock is a problem, and to ignore the fact is to deny the possibility of a solution.

And anyone who does not agree with the above is an idiot. That is also a fact.


I cited statistics in those instances because poverty is related to education. So, when about 70% of black kids never graduate from high school, why is anyone shocked that they...live in poverty? Having a single mother is also a high correlate with poverty...yet 80% of black kids don't have a married couple raising them.

My argument was not with your race but with a culture that is anti-intellectual. Your culture is a failing culture. Most people suffer under it. Yet the white man gets the blame. Funny, I don't see Bull Conner anymore standing outside the doors of an educational institution keeping black people out.

Yet, I am attacked. Just plain wierd...


That's no really true HH, you're a racist whatever you say.


Are there Lebensborn people in your family?


Paranoia it is. And the interesting thing about it is that most, no make that just about every black guy i've gotten to know better feels this way, but not all. It's their Achilles heel. They're Hippocrates and they don't even know it. They think themselves as "thinkers" but see racism everywhere whenever theres any negativity coming towards them or their "race".

The reason they see racism everywhere is because it's what they think about, and if you think about it enough, it makes you a closet racist. And it's what they are. You are what you think about the most. But, hey! Didn't you know? Only white people can be racists.


What gets me is how words get redefined to mean something different, and we're supposed to know this. The word 'conservative' now means 'racist', for ex. To call a black person a 'criminal' is really calling the person a 'n_____'. (I won't even use that word on an internet forum, but have been called a racist, like by the Belgian bungler Wreckless above).


He gets attacked because this is ALL he does. He is the first one to bring race into any discussion and it is usually something derogatory about black people.

He goes out of his way to post the most inflammatory nonsense on here and then plays the "woe is me" and "I'm just quoting statistics" card when he gets called on it.

What is really hilarious is when he fakes righteous indignation when he is supposedly "complementing" a member of the black community and gets flamed because his track record speaks otherwise. He has been doing it ever since he became a member. His pool of bullshit is incredibly deep.

I have had some heated discussions with other regular conservative posters on here, but he is the only one that I have ever called and repeatedly called a racist.

Just take a look at the race related posts on this board and you will see that he is involved. Hell, he created a majority of the threads. He is obsessed with attacking black people, but wants to project this image of just discussing the "facts" and "wanting to understand".

However, what he really is doing is finding an outlet for all the racist stupidity that he would like to say in his daily life but knows he can't because it could ruin him.


Agreed. Others act like they can't see it though which makes no sense at all.