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Black Panther Case Dropped by Obama



So these guys were at a polling station in Philly with a night stick threating whites and some blacks entering the station.

The ring leader had Democratic polling station observer credentials and was a law graduate from Howard.

Career justice dept attorneys worked the case for voter intimidation and Obama's political appointees ordered them to drop the case.

One of the thugs told a white voter "You're about to be ruled by the black man, cracker"

A well known civil rights activist from the 50s actually directy observed this intimidation and said it was worse than anything he ever saw in Mississippi in the 50s.

Why would they not prosecute this?


Thanks for posting this.


Why do you think? Minorities never do anything wrong, it's all due to white racism.


Did I miss somthing ? I did not hear or see they were threatning white voters.


Selective blindness and deafness is so convenient.



Get the bastard out of office.




That would be in the affidavit of Bartle Bull.



The only person who would think this is a non-minority wanting to inflame peoples passions and already ingrained prejudices.

ANY threat to ones right to vote is wrong, and should be punished.

I would like to see the official reasons for dropping the case.



White racism? Now they are the victims?! HA!


Why is a "hate crime" being dropped?


Sorry, I can't open the file , it says it is corupt


While what you say would make perfect sense if dealing with people without mental issues, in fact many people have a mental disorder that among other things affects them on this subject.

Seriously, there are places such as universities that teach that BY DEFINITION racism is a phenomenon only existing in whites. I recall a news story not long ago about a university that not only taught this in classes, but had an indoctrination program (of course it was not called that) where dormitory residents were counseled in this and expected to agree with it.

Of course that is insane. But there are people dedicated to insane propositions.

I assure you that bizarre as it sounds, there are people -- both white and black as well as probably other races -- who absolutely do believe no act or thought of a black person is ever racist. No evidence can persuade them to the contrary. It is part of their (mentally-disordered) belief system.


I knew HH was right all along.


I would have just walked right past them. What would they have done? Hit me with their sticks like primitive apes?


Are you trying to be funny?


wow really? what school was this?


because they're black?



We could go on FOREVER talking about all the individual bullshit that people believe. I'm right along with you if there is someone who actually believes that anyone is "not" capable of being racist and/or a hate mongerer.

However, I also don't support that there has been some great "paradigm shift" of rampant, institutionalized racism that is denying white males of their fundamental rights and freedoms, OR of gainful employment.

Has there been, and will there be, real stories of discrimination and racism against whites?

You bet there is...

But it's all a sad reality of the human condition, independent of what race you are.



From the CNN page linked above - Black Panther chairman thanks Obama by name for dropping the case...

"UPDATE: Malik Shabaaz, chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, told CNN Friday that Samir Shabaaz is no longer a member of the organization, and that his organization does not support voter intimidation.

"We want to thank President Obama and his administration for dropping charges against us that were vindictively brought by the Bush administration," Malik Shabaaz told CNN. "We don't condone any type of illegal activity at polling stations."

Shabaaz said the members in Pennsylvania were not acting under the direction of the national party."