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Black Ops Map Jumps

So I just made this and I hope it helps my brothers of T-Nation. And if it doesnt feel free to rip me a new ass.





So this will probably be taken down but give me some feedback guys.

you didnt see the entire Call Of Duty: Black Ops thread? should have posted this there brah.

oops i will delete now…

wait… i cant can i…

nope. waste. cool hair though.

hey thanks for posting… im guessing this is for pc? dunno if these will work on ps3 might have to try them tonite… i have killed some guys in some weird places so it should be interesting…

No I play on Xbox and yah all of those will work for ps3 but it will take a second to master all of them…

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
cool hair though.[/quote]
Damnit. Beat me to it!

[quote]inkaddict wrote:

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
gay ass hair though brah.[/quote]
Damnit. Beat me to it![/quote]
yeah me too… shoot!

tried some of them last night… works!

[quote]haggle wrote:
oops i will delete now… [/quote]

Delete that haircut…for the love of god.

[quote]Mackk wrote:

[quote]haggle wrote:
oops i will delete now… [/quote]

Delete that haircut…for the love of god.[/quote]

Pope says you’re a hater. Kid get a hair cut or grow it long, unless that was for Halloween, then I guess you’re alright.

Lol that pic is over 2 years old and it was just that one night with it… i have short hair… dont worry guys…