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Black Only Patronage


This may have already been addressed in the forum, if not, here goes.


A black couple in Chicago has started a campaign to only purchase products and services from black owned businesses and it appears to be catching on.

I'm not black.

This seems it will further self-imposed segregation. So much for the melting pot.

Could you imagine if whites were orchestrating a nationwide exclusion of other races from the national economy? What words would be used to describe it? Apartheid? Economic lynching? Putting blacks on the back of the economic bus?

This is another harbinger of doom for what was America.


I don't have any issue with this. They just shouldn't blame anyone else for feeling segragated.


Whatever, if they wanna go so far out of their way to "buy black" let them.
You're right it is self segregation. What I think is so uncool is that if a white person were to do the same thing it would be called "racism".


That's hate buying.


depends. I try and buy local when i can. it's quite a bit more expensive for some things. The gun shop is a bit more expensive than auctions. The liquer store in town is quite a bit more expensive then the MGM a few miles down the road, but I like having a few blocks away.

I really see nothing wrong with this. I decide to pay more to do business with people I like on a daily basis.

It certainly is curious to see what some people call racist. I think we all have some form of conditioning. This story doesn't bother me at all but if it were reversed as you say, I think the little voice in the back of my head would be saying "fucking racists". And I am certainly not senative to these types of things. Interesting.


The thing is, you did not say you go out of your way, to buy products only from your own race. Deciding to buy local is a decision to support your local economy not just your race.


Local, race, personality, attractiveness, family, religion. We select goods and services based on a lot of things. Race isn't any different than the others.


Depending on who is doing the purchasing, it could result in investigations and lawsuits. I'm mainly speaking of government employees.


well yea, government employees are supposed to be representing the constituents of their location, the people in general. the govn't doing something like this would be highly unethical. aside from political suicide.

who you personally choose to buy from is just semantics.


What a waste of time. Spend more money burning up their gas just so they can get their shit from a specific middle man who gets their shit from the same distributors as everyone else.


They are a poorer group with a huge number of problems and therefore want to try to keep themselves from suffering as much from harder economic times (i.e. they think they will suffer more than the general white population). The race part isn't as important as the cultural group. It's an attempt to support themselves as a community.
You can't blame blacks for their problems with drugs, poverty, and violence if you don't let them try and solve these problems as a community.


quite true.


while that may be true, if whites tried that shit,the shit would hit the fan. maybe the white people of chicago should start doing the same thing. see how long before black business fail. but then again somehow it would be whiteys fault.


The difference is blacks are economically disadvantaged. Therefore they need to try and protect their community, in a way white people don't.


You are right, there aren't poor white communities or rich black ones.

Stop freaking drawing lines in the sand based on race. You are ignorant and racist. There happen to be more poor white people in this country than poor black people. Get over your misguided self pity and see yourself and the people around you for what they are, products of their own making.


That however is not a particularily clever way of going about it.


Heck, I'm not even black and I partronize black a great deal.


I actual agree with this. BUT you then have to ask the question of why black people tend to be "face" of welfare when white people receive 2/3 of welfare. The poor black communities are always pointed at when we talk about drugs,crime,intelligence,etc. Just something to think about.


True. But I think if you look at a per capita percentage I think more blacks are on it. Their are just more white people in the country.


Anybody know a black owned gun shop that sells rifle scopes? If he's got good deals I'll buy.