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Black Nation


Swedish director and internationally renowned video artist, Mats Hjelm, has a deep personal connection to the City and the Church. This connection began with his filmmaker fatherâ??s documentation of the 1967 Detroit riots, the Churchâ??s part in this seminal event and the filming of Stokely Carmichaelâ??s (Black Panther Party) 1968 fundraising tour of Europe.


I got questions for anybody in Detroit:
how is life in Detroit?
is that black ministry and its teachings retarded or is it just me? (slanted question, I know, but listen to it, FFS)


The black ministers seem to be doing QUITE well for themselves. Brand-spanking new Cadillacs and SUVs. Much nicer vehicles than the congregation.

Compare the ministers to the drug-dealer at 22minutes. He couldn't even afford to pay the water bill! :-0