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Black Mob Pummels White Man Into Coma


This is just all over the news isn't it? Fuck All Racism, but especially the unreported black on white hate mobs.

Editors note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist.


Cut the media some slack. There simply aren't enough news outlets in the US to cover all the crime blacks commit.


I recently (april) bought a house in st. paul, in a predominantly black area. A couple miles away from the "east side".

At first I felt very out of place, and naturally a little worried that my house would get burglarized (not the quietest area, but a lot of families also) due to several indicators. After a few months I have settled in, talked to some of my neighbors (and also notcied a few mung, and whites on my block), heck my alley-side neighbor, one of the coolest guys I've ever met (black dude) even showed me how to change my brakes on my car last sunday!. Even with this, I would NEVER go for a walk, at night, and or alone. In fact if I wanted to go for a walk, I would probably just head over to Como to do it.

I'm not saying this guy was in the wrong, but what the fuck are you thinking approaching a mob of fighting (black or white, should matter here) people? you are basically asking for trouble!

When I'm out doing yard work and I see some stranger passing through the alley, I separate myself from that area of my property, or go inside for a minute. Thats how you avoid shit like this, its simple, JUST AVOID IT...That is the opposite of what this guy did.

My dad told me about this news story and I had a hunch that I would be smart enough to avoid a situation like this, turns out I am right, cause I would never do what this guy did! Shit, I was approached by 2 full car loads of people in St. Cloud, when two people got out and started walking right at me, I ran (they immediately chased me for a bit, then gave up) and called the cops. Not a scrape or Bruise on my body, pride, or ego from that....turns out the cop that did the report is currently a nationally ranked powerlifter (pretty cool), but I digress.....


Does black prejudice exist ,? absolutely . I think the prejudice that comes from whites is easier to track in a court of law . Meaning it is more likely to be about money or property or employment . If you go into a ghetto or large project where people make way below the poverty standard , they are meaner more volatile . It is a good place to find trouble no matter what race you are


Poverty is no excuse. Poor blacks still commit more violent crime than both equally poor, and poorer, whites.


I contend poor whites are just as mean


I think the biggest area of poor whites are rural poor blacks are urban


I contend the sky is green.


Unsupported premise
Unclear hypothesis
No causal link drawn

This isn't even enough to be conjectural.


"Bottom line is Black people donâ??t commit tons of crime because they are poor. They commit tons of crime mostly because they are Black."

I don't see one fucking source in this link other than his opinion, and who the fuck is this guy?

Here's who his cite says he is:


If you are going to look for sources to confirm your own bias, you probably ought to look for ones that are actually supported. Here's two that confirm my bias, but at least they are actually sourced and based on facts:



I love Lindsay's description of himself:

Independent Left journalist in California. Trustafarian in a shackteau, slumming it up in the barrio. Revolutionary, patriotic Leftist, Christian, liberation theology, replacement theology.

Education: BA Journalism (California State University, Long Beach, 1980), MA Linguistics (California State University, Fresno, 1994).

Politics: Green Party, Communist Party USA, Democratic Party.

Personally, I have been described as ?otherworldly,?, ?beyond highbrow,? ?one of those totally out to lunch genius types,? and ?off in my own world.? I have a very high IQ, and I?m told that a lot of high-IQ folks are like this. There doesn?t seem to be much I can do about it, but it does cause me problems.

Generally, topics are focused through a progressive yet heterodox lens.

Discusses race a lot ? if it bugs you, don?t read. Overview of my views on race can be seen in this interview here.

I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism has been described as ?a dash of race realism, positive White racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.?

I see myself as a pan-humanist universalist and a nonracist race realist, who strongly dislikes the PC, Cultural Marxist, Identity Politics, Western New Left.


Another one to add to the ever growing pile of threads/posts from conservative dog on racism. And he always talks about how he can't understand how "liberals" won't shut up about race.

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Plenty of others out there but I gotta go lift. Just in case you think he MIGHT be racist remember he can't be....HE HAS FAVORITE BLACK PEOPLE!

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I don't know what it is you think your links prove (since you just dropped them without making any points about them), but if you want an academic source showing how insane the crime rate disparity is between the races, here you go, skippy.


The correlation between violent crime and the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic is 0.78 even when poverty, education, and unemployment are controlled, versus 0.81 when they are not. In laymanâ??s terms, the statistical results suggest that even if whites were just as disadvantaged as blacks and Hispanics the association between race and violent crime would still be almost as great. It may seem harsh to state it so plainly, but the single best indicator of an areaâ??s violent crime rate is its racial/ethnic mix. (p.12)

Feel free to read the rest, too. As it happens, racial demographics actually serve as a better predictor of an area's crime rates than poverty levels. The opposite would be true if blacks were only committing so much violent crime because of how poor they are.

Just to make this crystal clear, these crime rate disparities are not the result of police bias, as these conviction rates match the records given in victimization studies.


So, did you spend the night feverishly looking for an "academic source" that supports your view of black people, or feverishly looking for balanced studies and opposing points of view?

My personal bias and prejudice based on my experience with the judicial system tells me the system is rigged in a lot of ways against black people--and poor people--especially when it comes to the disproportionate prosecution of non-violent drug crimes and wrongful convictions for the most serious crimes. The above links I posted tend to show that. The reasons for the disparity in treatment in the system, in my view, are multi-facitied and complex, and aren't the result of some giant racist conspiracy, and linking to studies showing this fact doesn't really explain the cause or solve the problem. (My above links also don't purport to explain the cause or solve the problem.)

The first link you relied on was from a source that said, "blacks commit more crimes because they are black," based on nothing more than some kooks opinion, in a thread with the purported intent to show the media is racist because it ignores stories about violent black people committing crimes against whites. This is one thread of many started by a poster who has to constantly remind everyone he's not a racist. If your goal is to prove blacks commit more crime because they are black, fine, have a field day in this thread, you are in good company. I don't see the point, but if you want to go down this road, I'd suggest you rely on better sources than your first one.


well , you are wrong :slight_smile:


I spent the night drinking. This took about 12 seconds to pull up on google. This isn't my first time debating this topic -- I know all the ins and outs of egalitarian rhetoric.

A lot of nothing. Moving on.

You mean like the other two? Well, done and done.


The Overfiend strikes again, casually.