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Black Metal


Anybody around here into Black Metal? Here's a funny link.





I'm surprised you didn't ask me first about this...I'm hurt, but yeah the top ten pics are pretty ridiculous, but the elite metalhead side of me is saying that half of those bands are troo bm anyways, so it's ok. In other news, I think I'm going to be Abbath for Halloween, and a few of my buddies and I are gonna cover some songs from Pure Holocaust.


Speaking of Pure Holocaust...


Yeah, I've seen that list before. There's a second one on that site somewhere. Hilarious stuff. It's too bad that all of these black metal bands have to look so damn ridiculous. Immortal had some kick ass songs, but their music videos and general look is laughable. His description of their picture was some of the funniest material I've ever read. Cradle of Filth just plain sucks however.


COF isn't metal...it's poser shit.

Chainsaw gutsfuck :slight_smile:

^If you don't recognize this don't post here.


Eh, I'm not big on Mayhem, though Freezing Moon is a cool song, when Vader covered it...I'm just meh never got why they were thought to be on the same playing field as Emperor, Immortal, Burzum and all the other 2nd wave bands.


Anyone got the Dethalbum?


Blood ocean

Go forth and die

Dethklok rules!


You're right about the "Gimmicky" approach of Black Metal. That's one reason I'm really into Goatwhore as of the moment (I think they're BM..?), because they don't take the Kiss Reject outfits road and just wear regular shit on stage.

Detaz, that's funny you're going as Abbath, lol. Make sure you can sing "Blashryk" exactly like he does. Make sure you also do alot of typical "Immortal posing" when people take pictures of you, lol.

COF sucks ass by the way. I'm a huge Dimmu Borgir fan, even though they've moved away from Black Metal into their own sound of Symphonic Extreme Metal * /me runs away, ducking tomatoes thrown by true Black Metal fans*

Well at least Dimmu can make the costume gimmick approach look kinda cool! I think it's because of their sound being more theatrical, thus they can have a more "theatrical" look.


My top favs:

Edge of Sanity
Paradise lost (Gothic & Shades of God only)

streaker up: Knorkator (probably unknown to the audience here, I'll see if I can dig up some youtube material in the morning for you)


Headbangin Teletubbies? Outstanding!


I use to play in a Immortal cover band a few years back, I can pull off off Abbath screams pretty well. I think we're going to do

At the Heart of Winter
Pure Holocaust
Withstand the Fall of Time
One by One

it's going to be a grim halloween. And I'm practicing my posing. If I ever do a bodybuilding show, I should do Abbath poses for my routine, how KVLT that would be.

P.S. Goatwhore isn't BM, although they do wear the armor.


I liked Burzum a lot, and Mayhem was alright. BM got on my nerves tho because it's too drama-y. That and most of the fans are little punks


Shit! I thought Goatwhore were BM. Oh well.

It would be funny as shit to see somebody like Mark Dugdale come out in corpse paint at the '08 Olympia, to "Battles in the North" playing in the background, posing and looking menacing like Abbath, XD

"Withstand the Fall of Time" was fucking amazing at Download, even though I have to watch it on Bootleg on YouTube :frowning: I wish somebody would have proshot the performances at Wacken and Download this summer. Would have made for a great 6 song DVD to add to the upcoming new album in '08.


There are definitely a lot of guys who feel the need to dress up in the most queer ways just because they play metal. Those top 10 pictures were hilarious, here are two more of those:



Oh and, in that youtube video of Immortal- Call of the Wintermoon, take a look at 2:40 when he does the thing with his hair, hilarious!

And by the way, I agree, Dimmu Borgir are way cool. Even though I prefer PEM over In Sorte Diaboli, it's still a pretty damn good album.


Blood ocean

Go forth and die

Dethklok rules!

Quoted for absolute truth.

"We'll make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black...times infinity."

Go Into the Water, Bloodrocuted, and The Lost Vikings are some awesome tracks.


Hah! awesome thread

Dethklok Rules!

Dethharmonic is my current fav.


The best part about that video is when it shows them running towards the end of the video, and Abbath does this "Orc run" thing that makes me almost lose it I'm laughing so hard.

And yeah PEM is Demon Burger's best, but In Sorte Diaboli did have better sound production, and better vocals by Shagrath. I love "The Chosen Legacy" when HellHammer's double bass goes to like 375bpm (or something crazy like that) during the chorus. Amazing.

By the way, is Gorgoroth any good? I've never heard their music before.


I'm so doing those Call of the Wintermoon poses, I need to find a Wizard Hat. Gorgoroth are decent, nothing like zomgz! But they get the job done, but yeah I saw the bootlegs of Withstand, truely badass music.


Honestly, and I need to preface this by saying I am white, but honestly, only white people could make something like this. Wow, just absolutely absurd and unintentionally hilarious.