Black Label gear

I was wondering if anyone had any experience w/ gear from a company called Black Label. Recently got some Tren (100mg) and some winstrol to go w/ Enthanate (QV) I already have.

Is he still in business? I haven’t been able to access his website for awhile now, so I thought he closed shop, how long ago did you order from him?

I didn’t get direct, i got it from my normal guy. But it was just this past week. I take it you’ve had before, what are your experience & thoughts?

I used his prop/phenylprop combo of 200mgs/mL. Found out a little late that the bottles I was sent were not 15mL like they were advertised, but more like 11 or maybe 12. Potent stuff in any case, and I did like that his gear is domestically sent.