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Black Friday Shoppers


hey guys. curious to see a show of hands of how many people here are hitting up the stores on black friday. I'm a new homeowner an still need a washer and dryer. ill be hitting up sears to get the kenmoore front load washer & dryer combo for $599. then over to tractor supply store for 13 more 4x6 stall mats for $30 / each.

I normally don't do the black friday thing. but with the $ ill be saving on these 2 things its hard to turn down. 1) what are you planning to get? 2) what stores do you go to? 3) how early do you get inline. *** I've found bfads.net to be very helpful


T-Nation should have a Black Friday sale. First 20 orders on Friday morning get a personally autographed 8x10 of TC leaning against a black Trans Am in a leather jacket.


Shopping in stores on Black Friday is my personal idea of hell.


That's why the internet is our friend.


The internet is my only friend.


Nah uh!

I think I'll start the day after this year and get done as soon as possible. That way I can start spending money on myself again. :slight_smile:


I'll do it if there's a deal on something that I wanted anyway that's too good to pass up. I remember a few years ago, they were selling a bunch of DVD box sets for like $15 that normally retailed for $50-60. If you can get away with just going after a specific item, then you can usually get in and out in like 10 minutes or so.

Otherwise, I avoid it. I'm already finished with my shopping this year anyway. Online shopping is my friend.


My wife and I will be out in force early Friday morning.



I got talked into going out shopping one time at 6 am on Black Friday. It was almost pointless. The only thing I bought was a DVD player that I didn't need. I bought it because it was only $15.

Yeah, there was stuff on sale, but nothing that makes the experience worth it(unless you're buying big ticket items). I'd rather pay the extra 5-10% than deal with people and stores on that day.


I work retail and i must say I HATE BLACK FRIDAY. Going to work at 3am and working a 12-14 hour day is hell. We need to ban black friday forever.

But to answer your question yes i will be at a store black friday morning.


Ill be shopping online


Hell yeah.


you guys that are going shopping ( also might want to share with your wifes) need to check out bfads.net maybe this is old. but the post the ads that will be in the black friday newspaper. this way you can check out what's going to be on sale before the ads come out.


Thanks for the website.


I work at Best Buy and people start lining up at my store at around 6-7pm on THURSDAY night. By the time we open at 4am the line has wrapped out the store and the Barnes & Noble beside us at LEAST 10 times.

Happy shopping.


I'll still be cleaning up from Thanksgiving.


I will be at Best Buy at 4:30 in the morning ready to work.

Really stoned.

Really pissed off.


I really want to do a drive by fecal matter flinging at those dorks(is that legal?). It's one thing to spend complete days playing WoW, but quite another to camp out in front of fucking Best Buy.


Just don't get caught.

I've never understood the people that will camp out overnight for shit like that. Don't they have better things to do? Guess not.


After working retail for 9 years and working more than enough Black Friday's, I have no desire to go shopping on Black Friday ever. I don't even go shopping unless it's absolutely necessary. Sure, there are some good deals, but not worth waking up at 3AM and going to the mall, or as others stated, camping out overnight. It seems to me that Best Buy is the only place I know of that people camp out overnight, although they do have some crazy good deals for the early birds.

To me, the worst thing is when the parents bring the kids with them at 5AM, and the kids are half asleep and crying and don't want to be there, but mom had to save $5 on a sweater, so she brings them along.

If anyone has to go out on Black Friday, I would suggest going out after 1PM. 75 percent of all retail business is done by 1PM on Friday, and it's not that busy after that, but you still get some good deals.

Personally, I think the Black Friday ordeal is just a marketing ploy.