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Black Friday Shoppers Get Maced


A fellow CUSTOMER, not a security guard or police officer, used mace against other customers in what is being called a "competitive shopping" incident.


Does anybody here go shopping on Black Friday, or have family members that do? Does it really get this crazy? Do you really find deals with "competitive shopping" for?


Ok, "mace" is now pepper spray.
Reading the news I thought he did it with this.


I worked for a cellphone company inside Target last year I had to miss Thanksgiving because the store opened at 4am, I had to work 4-10 then come back and work 11-9(due to not being able to find an employee). My experience working retail is it's noisey it's crowded and there really is no need for it, it's like people are trying their damndest to be assholes


I'm Canadian so we don't have that sale, but I know that even if we did I'd balance my desire for saving money on some product I may not need against my desire to sleep in on the Friday off, eat turkey with cranberry and mayo sandwiches and watch TV and then go for a nice walk or something.


Hahahahaha, that would have been epic.


A couple of years ago here in Houston a guy was trampled to death at a Walmart or Target. Think about that. Not only did he get knocked over, not one person stopped to help him up, and he got trampled by the herd of neanderthals looking to save 15% on flatscreens. People fucking suck.


Well now they're apparently shooting each other with guns today as well...


It blows my mind that they're calling that "competitive shopping" as if she were going this to gain db edge. THAT IS ASSAULT, and it's assault by a clearly unstable bitch. Again, people fucking suck.


Eh I find something like this much worse, woman in broad daylight gets mugged and no one stops to help


I love it that she did it more than once, at strategic locations, to gain access to hot selling items....

The mere fact that she had it all planned out and did not stop once to contemplate whether this was actually a good idea is beyond hilarious.

The next step is of course organized shopping parties, you know, 2-3 blockers, one fast buyer, someone with a pepper spray to work distance magic and a few package mules.

Basically, Skyrim dungeon looting at Walmart.


Dude, that is fucked up but she survived. A MAN LOST HIS LIFE 'CAUSE PEOPLE WERE STEPPING ON HIM TO GET CHEAP TV'S. They're not even in the same ballpark. It does help prove my point that people suck though.


The way this was phrased made me laugh.




Both scenarios.


Black Friday is only for lower-class scum. I can find good and better deals on practically anything on the Internet 365 days a year.


Absolutely hilarious story.


What a surprise, they happend at Wal-Mart.


I love this time of the year. Every year without exception around this time hilarious stories come out and I can laugh at the USA. It's kind of sad because of the people who die on the other hand.