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Black Friday Buys!


So what great deals have you guys found? I got a pair of metal ace briefs for $136 for the future. Hell i couldnt beat that. Wish i had some more cash i would gear whore out lol.


Hey robert....I saw that EliteFTS was having a pretty damn good sale on all kinds of stuff at their website. 30% off of apparel, Powerlifting Gear, and videos. That's a great sale, and Dave Tate over at EliteFTS sells some world class stuff.


Yes it is! I said i couldnt help but buy them and have them ready for later.


What the fuck is a "metal ace brief for the future"?


OK, I see now that it's from Elite and that you likely got it online...sorry, carry on.


I was picturing some sort of chastity belt to be honest...


Seriously. If you've never seen or heard of that product before (like me), it's the weirdest sounding name I've ever heard.