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Black Flight from San Francisco


[i]African Americans are leaving San Francisco because of substandard schools, a lack of affordable housing and the dearth of jobs and black culture, according to a report by a committee looking into the exodus.

The African American Out-migration Task Force, put together by the mayor's office last year to figure out what can be done to preserve the city's remaining black population and cultivate new residents, presented its findings at a public hearing Thursday called by Supervisor Chris Daly.

San Francisco's black population has dropped faster than that of any other large U.S. city's. It went from 13.4 percent in 1970 to an estimated 6.5 percent in 2005, according to the census. Nationally, African Americans make up 12.1 percent of the population.[/i]


Certainly the lack of affordable housing has driven many people out of SF (not just blacks), but what explains SF having "substandard schools"?

And, curiously, the "dearth of black culture" item is interesting - in a city that prides itself on being (the most and the best at being) inclusive, tolerant and multicultural, blacks find themselves not included?

What explains this?

In related news, the flight is also out of New York, Boston and DC, is the flight is apparently to "sun belt" states in the South in many cases. So, conventional hipster wisdom is being turned on its head - supposed havens of tolerance are losing black citizens to areas of the country that are, er, less than tolerant.




I have to share with you two observations. One that came from my Great Grandparents to my Grandparents....and one from Martin Luther King.

First from my ancestors:

"The difference between the North ("tolerant") and the South ("intolerant") is this...in the South they would call you "Nigger" and feed you; in the North they would call you "Sir" and let you starve..."

Martin Luther King

By his own words, the absolute scariest and worst place be ever marched was not Birmingham or Jackson...it was in Chicago. He stated: "These people in Chicago need to go down to Mississippi and show them how to hate".

The lessons for me were to 1) be careful about facades and phoney "tolerance" that people put up and 2) the South has had it's tolerance "tested" much more than other places in the country. It's also had blacks and whites working much more side by side than other places in the country.

To me, this report is no real surprise.



I've been saying this shit for years. No one listens.


Its absolutely no surprise.

In the South income matters more than race. Poor whites and poor blacks work together without a seconds thought to their color.


Detroit has lost 25% more of it's population since 2000. Mid 1950's? 1.8 million people in the city proper. Today? barely 800,000. The "white flight" of the 70's has turned into every civilized person's flight in 2011. My explanation for the one thousandth time? Financially based social engineering targeted SPECIFICALLY at black America as an alleged redress to injustice has gutted the soul of blacks where it has taken hold with no greater example possible than the once mighty motor city. It is a wanton apocalyptic disaster. What's interesting is I'm a member of a church located right in the middle of a the Detroit ghetto attended by 90 plus percent black people who absolutely understand this.

I suspect similar versions are happening elsewhere.


I've found that to be true no matter where I've lived. The economic strata is more powerful than the color barrier.


...so what you're saying is the South is too poor to care if the guy you are rubbing elbows with in the Toyota Factory is another race? Or, is it that we're too poor to have proper segregation like the Yanks? Maybe Southerns have a strong sense of justice?

I personally have seen it from the farm lands all my life.


I would say both are true.


I agree. It isn't race driving it. It is the social engineering nonsense.


We are not communicating here Chris. My point was that when you pay people to do nothing they will destroy themselves and everything and everybody around them. Makes no difference what color they are. Detroit blacks who refuse to live on the leftist plantation are themselves fleeing for their lives, quite literally on a bunch of levels.




If I took this us off your track I apologize TB. Detroit is just the city I have direct experience with.


It's an interesting question. Do you think it related to the reasons for deteriorating schools in other cities? Perhaps someone who works in education can speak up.

Also, it'd be interesting to hear something from someone in SF regarding your other questions. Particularly if there is a black resident of SF on the forum.

I hope to hear from some of the black forum posters on this question (if any still come around PWI). It's going to be hard for outside groups to speculate on why one group is doing something.

That said, I hadn't seen information about them going to "sun belt" states. It seems very interesting to me. Do you have a source for that information handy? I'd enjoy reading about it.


Northern whites are FAR more racist than southerners. The racism up North comes in the form of kindness, like welfare and AFDIC, WIC programs, and the like -- all of which were designed to decimate the black family.


Thought Walter Russell Mead had a nice article about what is happening in our inner cities with black Americans.

"Life Beyond Blue: Faith and the Inner City"


My first question is what racist in government is actually keeping track of this nonsense?


I doubt the study is valid.

Obvious racism is obvious.


That was a nice article, thanks for posting


Very good article.

To see such thought in action, look into the work of the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

Look into some of the statistics as to the drop in crime rates that have been achieved.

To those who say "Show me proof of God," here is your proof.


Please tell me that last part wasn't serious.

Proof that religion can have a positive effect? Yes.

Proof that the claims of any one particular religion are true? No.