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Black Eye Help


got my eye blacked - swollen shut now...usually no big deal but, this time the "timing" is bad - need it to fade away faster any tips ?


Ice and very very gentle massage maybe.


Second black eye.

Disguise as Racoon.


Ice worked when I had a bad one. I got tagged with a ball while playing handball. I went home, filled a small baggie with ice, laid down and put it over my eye. By the next morning 90% of the swelling was gone and it only got a bit discolored. But you have to stick with the ice for at least a few hours for it to work. The trick is to get the ice on it ASAP.



Come up with a good cover story and don't worry about it. Just play it cool and don't let anyone shake your resolve.


Be happy to help you with that...


You make raccoon disguises?


Own it. Best thing you can do.

What ever you do, don't try to hide it with make up or any thing - people will still see it and THEN you will be that guy wearing makeup! LOL

Does the other guy look just as pretty?


Swollen with pus leaking out or just swollen?

If the former use a tea bag as a poultice - kills infection and draws out the pus.


Try scraping the area with a comb or the edge of a coin.

It works for a hickey.


Stick your whole head in a bucket of ice for 15 minutes three times a day.

Should do the trick.


The BEST thing is going to be Arnica gel or cream. You should be able to find it at walgreens or Walmart and some Supplement shops.


I would tell everyone, "you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy."


Get an eyepatch and tell everyone you decided to be a pirate for a few days




Aw man, that's harsh.


roflmao. I was like man did I really type that, then I was like yeah I see what you did.


Tell people if they have a problem with your eye being black they must be racist. They they will feel ashamed and not bring it up any more.


Put DMSO on it.


Hey Guy's - I have no problem with wearing a black eye when I earn one - just this time it happened at a bad time for an occasion coming up - update eye finally opened still swollen bluepurple sround the socket.