Black Eye Healing

Any advice on using a heat compress after a black eye opens ?

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@TomE, if the initial swelling/inflammation after the injury is done, heat can be used to increase blood flow and assist the natural healing process. This will help flush out the pooled blood and help to metabolize the contusion out of the area. Gentle massage and vibration also can help.
Nutritionally and topically, arnica and bromelain are helpful. I have had several USA Wrestling athletes swear by this product which combines both and does well on Amazon, although I have never tried it. Let me know if it works!

Otherwise, bump up the Curcumin!

Is this the first time he’s hit you?

In a fight with an ex boyfriend. He got two hits in nailing me on the left eye. Happened sat nite . . . eye swole shut top eyelid looks like a dark purple plum and under the eye is a bluish-purple knot the color spread over the cheek bone. That and a nice fat split lip.

Wow. You threw out a joke and it was all too accurate!

@TomE I hope you’re safe and out of the situation

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Yeah, IDK if he/she is being serious or if this is next-level sarcasm… if it is the latter, I just became best buds with OP.

Witholding my ‘like’ on his/her comment until I know if this is for realzies or not.

@TomE if you’re being serious, my apologies for poking fun at the situation.

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Andrew . . . I didn’t think you were ‘poking fun’ at me. This was not the first fight I had with the ex . . . first time he had an advantage.

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I am . . . this was not our first fight . . .just the first time my ex had an advantage.

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Yikes. Perhaps you guys should hang out at different places?

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