Black domination of sport

I had a huge debate about this topic with a couple of people on another board. A couple of people thought it was nonsense until i presented a few studies. I think there is a biological difference between blacks and whites. There is some evidence out there that says so. There was an article on Tmag in one of the first issues about this very subject. One guy on this board thought i was crazy and told me i could take my studies and shove them up my ass. haha. i did a presentation in one of my classes last semester on this. Our book told of studies where black infants reach motor development milestones faster than white children. In most studies, black children also out performed white children in basic motor development areas. To me its not a big deal to admit this. It means nothing because socialization into sports and environment also play a huge role. But to others this is a touchy subject. What do yall think?

No way. Look at the major sports: hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, and NASCAR. It’s quite easy to see that whites are superior on average. :wink:

I do agree with you. While it doesn’t hold true in every case (obviously), I think it can at least be seen in the physical structure a lot of the time. If you need examples, just let me know.

Agree completely. Unfortunately, it’s a taboo subject since everyone equates the topic with “sterotypes” or racism. But there are certain undeniable truths about people of different cultures that are never mentioned because it’s not “PC”. Personally, I think Jimmy the Greek was right.

while its prob true, ive learned to just keep quiet on this issue.

the few times ive brought it up amongst aquaintances, and quoted stuff from that article. i was perceived as a bitter, whiny racist. and i could see how i came off like that.

so this is just one of things where its better off left unsaid…at least IMO.

On the average, it sure looks like they are built better than whites. Now, this is just an observation but it sure seems that way. I’m pretty sure that in the article(one golberg is talking about); the author states that blacks have on the average more muscle and less bodyfat. Nope, Goldberg it doesn’t bother me.

“The black is the superior athlete and trains to be the superior athlete”—Jimmy The Greek

BTW…NASCAR is not an athletic sport

I agree.

This works among all different races pretty much, and in more ways than just sports of course.

Native american’s tend to have higher chances of contracting health issues when older. Females skin goes bad fairly young.

Black people actually vary quite a bit, it’s obvious why also since africa is a dang big place. You have the kenyan’s who are built to run long distance, and then you have various groups up north who are short and thick.

I also agree on the taboo nature of bringing this up out in the corporate world.

“Look at the major sports: hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, and NASCAR.”

Hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, and NASCAR?!?!?! Wow, Jared, I think that answer is about as white as they get. When I was raised, the 4 major sports were football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw swimming on ESPN. Whether you like it or not, that does mean something (how often something is played on ESPN).

Great T-mag article about that here:

i agree 100%. i think it is clearly obvious. sports that involve quickness, speed, and power, are dominated by blacks.

i teach elementary school. when we go out for p.e. and play a sport such as football, the 3rd and 4th grade black boys have skills and moves that the white kids dont develop until high school.

i have been involved in sports my entire life and some of the abilities that black kids have at that age actually mind boggle me.

granted, this is far from being scientific but i think it still holds true.

We’re gonna have to explain the term “tongue in cheek” to a few people really soon.

think the remark about nascar and the other sports was a joke guys. phew!

My opinion were clearly noted to in the past threads. I don’t buy it. I feel its just a numbers game. more balcks particpate in athletic sports then whites and all other race.

I think its more on the bases who can get done and those who can’t get it done.

In Health,

Silas C.

I agree with Goldberg.

Case in point;
I grew up in a rural farm town in Michigan, so of course we were all white. When I was a sophomore, we were slated to play a football game against a primarily black school in Flint. We were all the same age, at the same respective talent levels, but we got our asses handed to us because we were slower and less coordinated. We studied up on their offence and were able to recognize their plays, but we just couldn’t keep up with their speed.

Ok, I might be blowing all my cool points out the window by saying this, but NASCAR IS an athletic endeavor.

Racers need stamina, concentration, and muscle development to be able to absorb the beating their cars dish out. (reference Ryan Newman crash at Daytona this past February)

There are personal trainers assigned to the race teams to keep the driver and the pit crew in shape. The crew has recieved more intense attention as of late because if they are in good shape, and their motor skills are honed, they can turn out faster times during the pit stops. In a sport where tenths of a second make the difference in wins, endorsement dollars, and championship point standings, race teams constantly push their limits to be better. These guys aren’t yoked out bodybuilders, but they are definitely in primo shape and require a fitness level much greater than the average wrench jockey changing oil at Jiffy Lube. The crews might only have to work a total of three minutes on any given Sunday, but I guarantee they spend more time on perfecting those three minutes during a week than you or I do in the gym.

Just my two cents…


Not to continue the tangent, but:

Racing drivers have to have high endurance in their back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles in order to steer precisely esp in long races where you get tired. Those are not nice easy power steering wheels. Plus there are high g forces pushing you sideways all the time that you have to push back against (bolsters only help so much), and that aluminum seat that vibrates you constantly doesn’t help much.

Their heart rates remain above their lactate threshold the entire time. Plus it is really really hot and you have to stay focused and concentrated the whole time.

Try holding yourself in a plank position, holding a 10lb dumbell straight out. Do this for 2 hours straight (maybe take a few 20 second breaks for pit stops), then come back here and say it is easy. That is a good approximation I think.

I’d agree with Goldberg’s statement, but feel that it is irrelevant to anything we are concerned with. It’s just another potentially inconsequential argument to engage in that will do nothing but raise my cortisol levels.

Note: The above statement does not apply to researches. If I offended anyone conducting studies on this issue for the purpose of the progression of athletic endeavors, my apologies.

Oh yeah on the real topic of the thread:

All the arguments such as “they look better”, and “look at the pro sports” are anecdotal at best, and usually reflect more on culture than any physical requirements of a sport.

(For instance, we notice fit good looking people more than the average person. Black youths are not really encouraged to go into auto racing, etc…)

However, arguments that Goldberg brought up on studies on infants are interesting and actually may mean something.

However you would have to show development as an infant has anything to do with development as an adult. I have been told there are studies that show children that learn to walk earlier do NOT make better athletes on average, children that talk earlier are not smarter on average, etc. So maybe those studies cited mean nothing because the white kids catch up.

Its a tricky subject to discuss as there is room for many variables.

While black people do dominate many sports there are some where they do not. Look at Olympic lifting. Turkey for example has produced some of the most outstanding lifters ever such as Halil Matlu and Naim Sulemonaglu . Both of them are designed for the Oly Lifts. They are compact, powerful and shortlimbed. Not only this but also weightlifting is hugely popular in Turkey and attracts more athelets as a result. Here in lies the question, genetics vs popularity. Do black people not dominate some events simply because they are not genetically predispositioned to or because its not a popular sport amongst them.

Not many black people play professinal golf but Tiger Woods doesnt seem to be doing too badly!!! Going back to lifting, there are not as many succesful black Oly lifters but if go through the history books and have a read about John Davis he did very well. Also the cubans tend to field a reasonably good lifting squad.

I think that generally speaking black people have advantages over whites in the area of sports and athletic endevour, primariy in those events which require a balance of speed,endurance, strength, balance and co ordination( everyone remembers the skinny little black dude at their high school who could out run, out lift and out move everyone else yet survive on a diet of cola and junk food while maintaining a year round six pack!!!). The brute strength sports however (Oly lifting, powerlifting, strongman) seems to be more dominated by whites.

It’s clearly obvious that African descendants are superior natural athletes. In sports where technical skill is less of an issue, the dominance is even more obvious. Technical skills(tennis, golf, as examples)can mostly be taught, therefore less of a dominance. Natural athleticism(running, jumping, agility as examples)can be improved to a certain point, but you can’t beat genetics in this aspect. The Western World(Europe, North America)and most of the World’s economy has been run by Whites, so the notion that Blacks might be superior in any way, has always been a threat so they have been deemed stereotypes or myths. Much like the “myth” that Blacks have larger penises than Whites. We know that’s not true, right!

Who said I was fucking joking? :slight_smile:

As in the other thread, Goldberg = correct. And you too, DocT. Thanks to both of you for your reading comprehension skills.