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Black & Decker Myofascial Release

Self myofascial release using a Black and Decker buffer. Anyone?

Yes. A Finnish strength trainer (he trains lifters, rock climbers, all sorts of athletes) Juha Olli has been using and recommending the buffer for about 9 years now.

I’m not a big fan of foam rollers except on the IT band, so I’m not really into this, seems pretty silly to me.

It does seem silly. I thought it was fucking retarded when I first heard of this. But, when you think about it, its not that different from getting a massage. Of course the motion isn’t as variable as in massage, but the idea is the same. Just take you hand and palm down rub the muscle that is sore (calf for example). It will start feeling warm. Then just multiple that movement x 10.

It works.

Love it.

Million Dollar Question:

Are the benefits of this machine short-term or long term?

In other words, does the buffer machine reduce pain and improve functioning in muscles with scar tissue permanently or just for a day or a few hours?

Either way, still looks interesting. I use the blue roller every day or two and find it does wounders in just a couple of minutes.