Black Cohosh


“Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa): Like
chaste tree berry, black cohosh enhances pituitary secretion of luteinizing hormone”

Would there be any benefit to taking this, or are its benefits covered by Vitex?

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Hmmmm, if I find some in the store, I’ll make sure I buy some. I first heard about Vitex on this forum, and when I experiemented with it, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced pizza! I’ll give this a shot.

It’s certainly readily aavailable here in the UK. Like the Vitex, it’s sold with the women’s supplements. I just wonder if it’s worth it if you’re already taking vitex.

While you’re correct that black cohosh does increase luteinizing hormone, it also binds to estrogen receptors much like soy isoflavones and as such, I would think the positives (increased luteinizing hormone) would be out weighed by the negatives (increased estrogen receptor expression) and that it would be similiar in that respect to supplementing with soy isoflavones (which woould be very bad).

I’ve seen Black Cohosh touted for HRT for women. I thought it had estrogenic properties and was used to replace lost estrogen in women.