Black Book or Power Methods?

Which of these two books by CT is the better way to go?

I’m trying to find out which one is newer, but im more concerned about the value of the actual content presented in the book

Black book of training Secrets? or…

Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods: Modern methods of attaining super-strength


Both came out the same day: 11 Feb 2007.

It looks to me like the first is more practical application where the second is more science.

Yeah, I’ve thought about picking up one of CT’s books many times. What I always find myself wondering though, is how much of the book is just a collection of all the great articles he’s already given us on here. That, and How much is truly basic, and how much can someone who’s already been intelligently training for years actually benefit from.


Stu I was thinking the same thing.

I read T-Nation articles a lot and have even gone back to things i missed before joining T-Nation (which was a fair amount)

so…Im questioning if theres really 40$ worth of info in there that i dont already know

I actually have both books and neither one is just a rehashing of articles.
In fact, I’ve read almost every training article on T-Nation that came out in the last 4.5 years or so, and the great majority of information I found in both books was new to me.

While both books are gold mines, I liked the black book a little more, because it has a chapter on physical assessment.

I have Black Book, it is a good read. It is not a repeat of articles posted here.

Actually i would disagree, there is a tiny little overlap. But thats to be expected. How many ways can thib say that the frequency with which you train influences the volume that you can use per workout from a recovery standpoint? determining fibre composition for your workouts?

There is stuff in there that you will remember. On the other having thib layout what he thinks from start to finish in detail really helps it click.

Thats the difference. A book starts from the begginning, laying a solid foundation. Then moving on. But the articles… what order did you read them in? did you have other preconceived ideas?

Buy the damn book and tell us if you thought it was worth it. :wink: