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Black Book of Training

Bought the book. Great read and very good workouts. I been doing the olympic training finish the 3 block of the workout. Dropped from 27& to 19%. My weight starting and now is unchanged. So the question is what kind of workout should I look for now. Tried meltdown 1, was good but stressful on the joints.

Carlos, you may want to start flipping through the back issues. There are so many great programs.

It might help if you tell us what your goals are.

Hey Tampa. My goals is to go down to 9%bf. Started doing jump rope before workouts and cutting down rest periods. I have seen back issues and there are some interesting workouts. The only problem I have is I only got a power rack (squat rack). Got enough weight. Don’t have dumbells. Just don’t like doing isolation. Looking to get a power look overall. Upper body and lower body. I know people who look very strong but in fact they are not.

Pick another program from the book maybe?

Carlos, it’s a bit hard to recommend a program when you don’t really have all the tools. Nonetheless, I’d recommend that you separate cardio from weightlifting; say am/morning cardio and pm/evening weight lifting. Also, spend equal time researching articles on diet and nutrition. Getting your diet dialed in is probably more important than the program when it comes to dropping BF (or putting on LBM)!

Pikeking. There is another workout but its for football players. If you don’t have the book I recommend it. Tampa, I am doing the T-Dawg diet. Been working like a charm. I modified a little. Take 25 grams before and after workout of carbs. Going to cut back on the carb up in the weekends. If anybody is reading this, and got between 25-30%bf, I recommend this diet.

I’ve got the book, give the football program a go I reckon its pretty cool.

Two things: One, if you lost that much bodyfat on CT’s program then why don’t you just restart it? Two, I agree with Tampa in that you just need to incorporate a little cardio in your program. If you don’t have any equipment just take a 20 minute walk in the morning before your first meal. Just nice and easy. Then in the evening do your weight training.

Thanks guys. I will take the advice and post when I am down to 10%. By the way Stats are 7/01/03 198lbs. 27%.
11/01/03 194lbs 19%. Took about 4 months. Strength went up as well self-esteem. Oh by the way if Christian reads these forums, I would like to thank him as well as this t-nation people.