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Black book of training secrets

I am thinking about buying this book and would like feedback from those who have bought it.

Great book, but nothing you couldn’t locate online.

Very condensed and well-written, though.

Great book, well worth the purchase. Unlike many books of its type it includes both theory (mostly in layman’s terms), and practical routines.

Christian is also very generous with his time and answers most questions regarding his programs, on this and other forums.

Awesome, writen in a down to earth manner and with lots of practical info.


(I’m waiting for the DVD)

Highly recommended! But I thought that was already established by now? What are you waiting for, get it!

Get it

Another bump for a great book
It’s probably the training book I would recommend most highly.
I can’t wait for the new one to come out in Print…CT where is it??

One of the best books around on strength training. Christian is an excellent writer and this book is loaded with excellent training and tons of killer programs. i recommend it highly.

Mike Mahler