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Black Book of Training Secrets

Hey Christian, I hope you get this post and it’s regarding a question about the your book I bought. This is just something I typed out in an email, so I’m just copy and pasting what I wrote.

"…But I do have a question regarding the 12 Week football program you outlined in Chapter 11.
In the program under Upper Body Strength, Lower Body Strength etc. there is say on Upper Body it says Incline Bench Press then it says 1x5, 1x4, 2x3 then next exercise chin up 1x5, 1x4, 2x3.

It also says things like 4x4 in some of the exercises. Now first off say I’m incline benching would I start with 1x5, then do 1x4, then 2x3…or are we just picking one of those rep/set schemes? And are those pushing it hard? as in 1x5, push to a near 5 rep max, then a near 4 rep max, then 2x3?? Pretty much what I’m asking is I don’t know how much weight I should be using for those rep/set schemes and when it says 4x4. Am I doing 4 sets of 4, but working up to a heavier 4. Or juts doing 4 reps, same weight…not to failure?

Lastly I am muay thai fighter (but am out of fighting for a few months so this program is just what I was looking for combining sterngth and power). I have quite a bit of experience with the lifting you prescribed but do you think I should stick to the agility drills or ditch them? I am leaving out the conditioning cause I still have muay thai classes 3x a week so I think it’s plenty of conditioning.

OH so sorry lol lastly what does the optional work mean in the football program too? Does it mean I can do it if I want to in addition with what prescribed, or it can be substitued for a similar exercise in the program."

THANKS! and great book!