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Black Book Bench Program


Was wondering if anyone has used the bench press program in CT's Black Book and if so what kind of rest periods were used because it doesn't list any. Thanks.





worked for me, but the gains were quite delayed. Plan a mini-peaking cycle, or expect your next cycle to go particularly well.

I just rested as long as I felt like it. The goal is strength, and to that end, I feel that 2-5 minutes is good, especially for the "big" exercises. For stuff like the lying tricep extensions (I think he calls them "remedial" exercises) something along the lines of 30-90 seconds might be better.

The bottom line is progressive poundage. Rest as long as you need to. Try to get out of the gym in an hour, but it just might not happen.

Oh, my bench press? Went from 225# in September to 300# by December.

Dan "Still Sucks at Bench Pressing" McVicker