Black Book Bench Press Program

Anyone do CT’s Bench Press Program in his black book of training secrets book? If so any good results? I’m 15 pounds short of the state record and want to blow it away in March so i thought i would do this for 8 weeks.

Also, incase CT comes in here, anything you would change about this program at all?

No replys?

To be honest, I don’t think too many people even know about these books of CT’s.

I’m just finding out and feel so, uninformed. I’m playing catch-up all weekend. How many others are?

I’ve read the book, but am using Wendler 5/3/1 instead to increase my overall strength levels for my current bodyweight instead of focusing just on bench and not using olympic lifts. According to BBTS I have a pretty big strength deficit. Awesome book, was thinking of getting the updated one with chapter on bodybuilding.

Also, lots of splits in BBTS are 4x week and 5/3/1 is too. When I powerlifted in college we did 3x week. Mon squat, wed bench, fri deadlift. Assist work on all lifting days, active rest/GPP on non lifting days , sun off.

Good luck.

My bench sucked before a powerlifting meet and I gave this a shot. My bench went up a few pounds, but nothing dramatic. I just think it lacked some things I needed to address (under activating my chest in pressing movements). It could work for someone who recruited their chest well, but it’s not like something I would ever write up.

Hmm, well tomorrow i was planning on starting it. Idk noww. :[