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Black Beast Boisterously Blasts Blaydes

UFC fight night.

Main event was a classic showing of the Black Beast.

Although listening to Blayde’s unconscious moans made my skin crawl. He was still out when they went to commercial 2 minutes later.

The Beast is now tied with Belfort for most KO victories across any division.

Came in ranked # 4 just beat # 2. #1 is fighting Stipe soon.

Will he get another title shot? He may end up champion.

Oh wait no. Jone Jones gets to fight the next champion. So Derrick is gonna get fucked for a cycle the same way Glover Teixera is getting fucked out what should be his title match agains Jan Blachowicz.

On that note. I don’t think Jones run at heavyweight is going to go the way he thinks it is. I strongly suspect we are gonna see him unconscious on the canvas staring at the lights.


“The reason Houston is so cold is because my hot balls aren’t there”

Derrick Lewis is that dude. Also, on the note of him getting fucked, which is true, he explicitly says he doesn’t want a 5 round fight, at all, probably ever again here, so it all works out, I guess. He wants Overeem next, apparently.

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Yeah. Talk is cheap. When he sees the dollar signs his mind will change.

All the popeyes chicken you can buy with that title fight money. He isn’t going to say no.

If his next fight isn’t going to be for a title it will be against Rozenstruik. Could be Overreem though you never know.

Personally I think he should just chill.

Wait for that title fight. I think he has a solid chance of beating Miocic, or Jones. I think him beating Ngannou a second time though are less likely.

Ill just drop this hear.

Speaking of Derrick Lewis, he caught some guy breaking into his car the other day and punched him, then slammed him on the ground and knocked him out. I don’t feel bad for the perp, but man, talk about the worst car to try to break into, haha.

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