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Black Batman


As part of DC's new 52 a pre existing character Batwing is getting his own series. It's set in war torn Africa and it seems pretty violent. I was just wondering if this even matters to black people who are into geek crap, will this entice people like Prof X to pick this comic book?



A black Batman? I'm there. Luke Cage has always been lame.


His conditioning was off.


Stan Lee already did a black Batman for DC.


Making a character black just to make him black is no longer the issue. The lack of interesting black characters is considering so much time seems to go into making sure most of the characters AREN'T.

I will only care about this if they make an interesting character with some legit motivations.

I would also like to see some Hispanic and Asian characters get more light in the comics. Blade showed there is a market (considering they took a poor attempt at Blaxploitation and turned him into a true action hero).

Yes, I do want to see more characters who actually look more like me....but only if they are written well.

No one needs more crap.


Not the same idea at all considering the setting.


Based on batman's record with the cops, I thought he was black.


Wait, hes been around this long and is just now getting a comic?

I dont think hes cut out for this.





But this character isn't Batman he's Batwing he's like the Knight and Squire or El Batman. If I'm reading this correctly he's inspired by the Bat similar to how Steel was inspired by Superman he won't be replacing Bruce, dating Catwoman, or tooling around in the Batmobile so he isn't really Batman like how Knight and Squire isn't either.

This is unlike the Ultimate Spiderman comics where Peter is dead and is replaced by a latino/african american character who will call himself Spiderman.


Not the same idea no, and that poses its own problems: the difficulty with making this character the black Batman is how they intend to establish Batwing as a hero in his own right, and not have him come over as second best to the real McCoy. Having him as a member of Batman, Inc. doesn't bode well - is it more likely that it's a democratic organization of Batmen of various nationalities, or will the original Batman be calling the shots?

Don't forget they tried this before with Superman and Steel; Steel never came into his own because of his ties to a much more popular and well-established hero that, due to the nature of his character, couldn't be severed.

It's not a matter of race either, it could happen to any new character inpsired by a top-tier hero. All I'm saying is they better have some damn good ideas if this is going to stay the course.

Stan Lee didn't have to deal with this problem because Bruce Wayne never existed in his universe.


Dude...Steal sucked ass from the start. He was essentially just a guy in a suit...and not a really cool Iron Man suit either where he was some genius tech wizard.

They tried too hard to make him "the genius who stayed in the hood"...which is bullshit. Anyone with brains like that wouldn't be in the projects.


True. Which begs the question: is it a mistake to refer to him as "the black Batman" when he isn't a direct replacement, but a different guy in a different suit?



Is what happens when a Black Batman story is told right. This is Supreme Power's attempt at an alternate universe...where their "Superman...aka Hyperion" falls to Earth but is found by the US government and NOT The Kents.

Night hawk has the same death of his family stigma...only with the death by the hands of white supremacists. He is racist against whites (due to the tragedy)...which is most of the conflict between him and Hyperion (who is a government project only now realizing just how powerful he really is.


No he's part of Batman inc, basically Bruce is putting Batmen all over the globe. There is a Japanese "batman" african batman etc... and by batman I mean a hero with no powers who is working under Bruce. The batwing series seems pretty promising because the setting is so interesting. An African city coupled with jungle areas, villains, dictators, and supervillains, it's got so much potential.


You had me at racial conflict.


That angle seems tired at this point in time, white supremacists etc... I think the African setting is more relevant to todays issues and I do agree with you about seeing more characters of other races. As a mexican all I've got is Blue Beetle?


already on it.......



Hey, it wasn't a tired concept at all because they didn't dwell on it. They made it a point...and then allowed that to be the initial conflict between him and a super powered Hyperion.

It was VERY well written as I bought the whole series.

Marvel whooped DC's ass in that comic as far as reality is concerned. That story is what would happen if a "superman" actually landed here in this day and age and was brought up to 2011 as an adult.