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BK Chicken Nutrition Facts


yooo question here
just wondering if anyone else eats fast food chargrilled chicken. its the ONLY piece of food i will ever eat at a fast food place.

this semester I dont have time to run home and fix my own meals so during my breaks between classes i run over to BK and grab a chargrill chicken sandwhich. i wouldnt think anything of it usually except that im starting to consume about 10 of them a week.

i checked out the nutrition facts and it seems like it has plenty of protein, but im not sure if its all accurate. heres the link http://www.bk.com/Food/Nutrition/NutritionWizard/index.aspx.

is there ANY downside to fast-food chargrill chicken sandwhiches??


I don't do fast food places anymore after reading Fast Food Nation.

I can relate to your situation though. One semester I had several classes back to back, and 2 days a week had class from 8 till about 3 or 4.

I just packed a few lunches in a big lunch bag (the insulated kind), and carried it with me.
I'd be chowing down at the beginning of class sometimes, but oh well, better than living off that crap at fast food places.


The sauce and white bread bun is not good. But a few won't kill you. 11 is too much.

Get some Classic Grow!. The reason they call Classic Grow! a MRP is because it's Meal Replacement Powder.


Good point about the MRP, definately convenient and a better alternative metabolic wise.

I'd be wary of if their chicken is soaked in any oils, or even the quality of it for that matter.


ok ill check into the Classic Grow! But one question, i heard they changed the name of it so would this Classic Grow! be under the new name as well?


No. Low Carb Grow! is now Metabolic Drive. And Old School Grow! is now called Classic Grow!. Both are great. Classic is more filling. That is why it's more of a MRP.

Add a greens supplement with it.


2 days a week when I was bulking and going to school I used to hit up Arbys for their roast beef....my mouth is watering.


Wendy's Chili is a staple for me. High in protein and fiber. Best thing it is cheap and filling.