BK 203 - 175 or 15% Training Log - For the Competition

So I will start this log in here and will hopefully get some feedback with training strategies and things to help along the way.

Because the comp doesn’t officially start until another 3 weeks or so, I will be putting in my workouts that I do but will be focusing on rehabbing my knee, so that I can really put in a bigger effort when the time comes.

First log will start tomorrow with Sundays workout.



Welcome to the training log section!

No need to change your training for the competition, but you’re always welcome to do so for the sake of bragging rights. I’ll try to follow along.

So it’s been a week, just been doing my own training with some rehab, but my goal is to have my proper workout created by tomorrow. Also trying to get my meal plan sorted out so that I have less an less to think about daily, just do the grind.



Hell yeah! This is 100% the key for me. I haven’t been doing that lately, so my before picture is shaping up to be incredible. I love the idea of reducing your decision burden. @Chris_Shugart wrote something about it awhile ago, if I remember right.

So I started out on my new program yesterday. It is from the T Nation website.

it will be a 3 day split. I am focusing on my upper body right now as I mentioned so I can work on rehabbing my knee.

I am still working out actual weights, but here is what I had so far.

Format for number to make it easier to type

sets reps weight (there is a tempo criteria, not sure if I should put that in)

Day 1 (Sunday)

a - inc smith machine press - 2 - 8 - 60lb
b - Low to High cable push - 2 10 15lb
c - Lateral Cable raise - 2 - 10 - 7.5lb
d - seated d’bell press - 2 10 20lb then 25lb
e - tricep pushdowns - 4 6 30lb then 40lbs.

Day 2 (Monday)

a - Lever row - 3 8 55lb 60lb 60lb
b - lat pulldown - 3 8 70lb 90lb 90lb
c - paused d/bell shrug - 3 10 25lb
d - Front plate raise - 4 8 25lb
e - seated dbell curls - 3 8-10 15lb 20lb 20lb.

So this one today seemed ot be a little harder, I was really focusing on tempo in the sets, there are a few that I know I could definitely go up in weight. The goal was to use your 10 rep weight for this, and the tempo would make it work for the smaller sets. The program actually asks for 2 sets of the more complex movements with 3 min rest, I just felt like it was a little too easy, so I added a 3rd set but stuck to the 3 min rest.


Been happy so far with my training, didn’t miss a day until yesterday. I am going through some personal stuff that has be double guessing things in my life, yesterday it got the better of me, no worries though back into it today. Started off healthy breakfast good protein. About to walk the dog.

I have a 2nd job interview today, so hopefully that will land and I can get back into some other good habbits in the life.
Will workout today after my interview.


So been super slack with posting, but I have been training.
This week marks the end of the strength week I had been working on for 3 weeks.

I have chosen a new program that is 12 weeks that focuses more on volume now.
High Volume workout plan by Christian Thibaudeau.

I am still having a lot of knee issues so will need to modify the plan and work as much with the upper body and what I can do with my legs.

My meal prep has been non existant. Losing my job has made us cut back on a lot of stuff, and that includes trying to get as much food as I need. I have been doing ok in the food department in that I cook, but we are 2 people and a lot of bills, so for now I will do as much as I can on the cheapest dime possible, while still trying to get my goals in.

I am interested to know if anyone here is a knee specialist, or has a contact for a knee specialist in Los Angeles, I am based out of there and would like to get an opinion on how to fix my knee.

Thanks for following, I plan to have a more active role in this coming now.



Post some details on the Injuries and Rehab forum. There are a couple of experts that check in occasionally and there’s a high chance somebody has gone through a similar thing that may have some good advice.

Hi all’

When looking at the program for volume, it’s called The High Volume Workout Plan for natural body builders there doesn’t seem to be any kind of rest intervals between the programs

Eg for first workout is
4 sets 8 reps; RPE 7
There are 3 workouts per week, each workout has a different set of exercises, then the workouts are redone the next week with the high loads.

Are we looking at shorter rest timers of 30-45 seconds between sets this?

Thanks in advance

This is what I have for the training program that I’m starting tomorrow. Looking for any advice on exercises that could change.

Workout 1
A- squat variation (might have to do sled pushes as I can’t squat)
B - hip hinge- R.D.L.
C1 - hor. Press- d/bell chest press
C2 - hor. Pull - standing bent over barbell rows
D1 - vert. Press - seated d/bell press
D2 - vert. Pull - lat pull down

Workout 2
A1 - iso quad - leg extension
A2 - iso hamstring - standing hamstring curls
B1 - iso pec - incline dumbbell press
B2 iso back - bent over d/bell flies
C1 - iso triceps - overhead cable tricep extension
C2 - iso bicep - reverse grip/neutral grip d/bell crumps

Workout 3
A machine quad dominant exercise - leg press
B hip thrusts - barbell or machine
C1 inc press machine - smith machine bench press
C2 hor. Row (a machine) seated row
D1 vertical press (machine) - I am not sure what to use for this
D2 vertical pulling (machine) not sure what to choose for this.

This program is going to be for 12 weeks, so not additional or changed exercises unless necessary, so want to make sure that I am going to be getting the best out of my workouts.

Thanks so much for your advice.


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Great thank you

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ok so adding in photos and my screenshot of my current weight to start off the competition.

@TrainForPain #t-ransformation2023


My current progress.

So first update for me since starting the challenge. Challenge is probably the appropriate word here. I have been working out 5-7 times per week for 3 weeks, doing a specific program on T nation. The program I love actually, even with my knee issues I accomplish a lot. “Challenge” comes in the form of separation leading to the D word. So it has been hard.

Positives that I think of. I start my new job Monday, which leads me to move out next week to really begin my new life.

Since starting true record keeping,
starting weight 204.8
current weight 204.6
Other stats all seem the same, but my measurements are good. Waist down from 41" to 39"
things down 1/2"

So pretty happy with the progress so far. Now I have to really dial in my food, which once moved out is actually going to be a lot easier.

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