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BJLA Meeting


I'm calling the first Black Justice League Meeting to discuss a two things.

The first being our mission. Whar exactly is it?

Second, roles and rank. We need more organization in the group, dudes. It seems every other week 460 is someone else....we need something permanent.

So, I guess...we'll pass around the sign in sheet until everyone gets here.

Help yourself to the White Wimminz for the time being.


And I'm filing the first EEOC complaint against your organization. Do we really need a "black" Justice League? What's wrong with a simple "Justice League" or, a "United Justice League"? Oh, and you can help yourself to all our fat white wimminz :slight_smile:


<---------now putting Israel on the bucket list.




I'm forming a White Justice League. I'll be passing along a sign up sheet and inform you of our first meeting. In the interim, please help yourself to all the black poonani your heart desires, and please help yourself to seconds and thirds. If you can, rather than "hit it and quit it", please try to maintain relations with a few so we have culinary resources for our cookouts. White men like barbecue and macaroni and cheese too! A white man can get tired of tuna casserole.

We will do our very best to schedule our first meeting and collect your yearly dues before Al Sharpton shows up to picket and shut us down. Imus has graciously agreed to serve as Secretary of our organization.


This one here is looking for Mr. SickAbs......

She HAS to be home by 10pm, ok? She'll have her permit next week, hopefully. Just a fyi...




Who ordered the midget??



Paging Mr. Beast....

You've been deployed WAY too long, my friend.

I don't judge you, though.


For those who like the big'uns....


Ct. Rock: Jesus, dude....

BodyGuard: Well, well, well....if it isn't Lex Luthor himself.

Hungry: He gets my vote for Honorary member.


See..you've made me come out of hiding. Damn you.


And what you talking about Willis, I am now an have always been the 21'st century "BROWN HORNET".
Same cool Fro, no yellow an red.

You must be talking about my alter ego as CEO of the Black Legion of Doom.


Yes, dude. It confuses me.


BJLA = Blow Job League of America.

Have fun, guys.

backs out of thread slowly


What is up, Wol?


And they're coming from all sides now....


That's what he said!


I don't get it.


Can I be in? I'm pretty black, yknow...