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Man, I did BJJ for the first time tonight (18 years old, freshman in college) and it's awesome. I wrestled for five years, so that might help, but man... it's fun as hell.


Hells yeah. Best stuff man. Does your school do a lot of rolling?



Yea it's great. I'm a freshman in college as well.


I own a Carlson Gracie BJJ Academy, and one thing is for sure, our large size and stregth as power lifters or bodybuilders do nest to nothing against good BJJ technique.


I'm a college sophmore, and I have been rolling for a little over a year. I love it to flexibility will get you farther then strength will.

Rigan Machado is coming to do a seminar at our school tomarrow, it is going to be awesome.

Is anyone planning to go to NAGA in Chicago in may?


I completely agree. Be careful, talk like that will get you flamed around here. Believe me, I've been torched by my fellow T-Nation readers for saying time on the mat is more important than time under the bar for a martial artist. Hang in there. jamej