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BJJ Tournament Recovery Time

Yo Guys,

I did my first BJJ tournament last week it was Absolute weight class, submission only event i was super chuffed to get to the semi-Finals as im only feather weight. However week on im still sore as hell!

Any post fight recovery tips would be great?


The usual. Frequent, low intensity movement. sleep, water, good food. hot baths, massages. Don’t underestimate the former in particular - you need to move your muscles to get the stiffness out of them.

^What NightHawkz said.


-ice massage/wet (or damp) heat alternated every 2-3 minutes on especially sore areas
-L glutamine
-tiger balm/arnica/Dit Da Jow (or any other linament that you feel works for you) on especially sore/stiff areas