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BJJ on Keto - Should I Carb Up That Week?

I have been on a keto diet for several months and had great success. I am leaner, stronger, and a bonus is I have clear skin for the first time as an adult.

In a month I am competing in BJJ for the first time. A couple years ago I was running ultras and trail races and placing and doing well and I had a tradition of high carbs the day before, though I think a lot of that was psychological.

All that said. Is there any benefit to adding carbs in competition week or day? I THINK I will be safe enough within my weight class for that not to be a concern.

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With any sport, the general rule is to never do something new for the first time that week, especially when it comes to diet.

Think of the hardest training session you’ve had so far while keto. Did you handle rolling like that? If so, awesome. The match will be even harder, but it’s absolutely doable because you know you can manage it. But if you’ve felt crappy during harder practices these last few months, then start transitioning out of keto and towards fueling yourself strategic carbs (not necessarily “high carbs”) ASAP.

But, no, carbing up shortly for the first time in months is a bad idea so close to a contest.

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Glad you said it. This was my thought, but I didn’t want to run my mouth.

Awesome - great advice thanks. Most of the time I can outlast many guys 10 years younger on keto. It took getting used to but my cardio is decent. Got sick and taking this week off then I’m going to really pay attention next week to how I feel after hard rolls.