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BJJ Gyms in North Houston

I’m moving to Houston (249/Louetta area) in 3 weeks and need to find a new place to train. Gracie Barra Champions, Ground Dwellers BJJ, and Alliance Team Gaucho are all within a reasonable drive for me.

Does anyone here have experience with any of those, or other gyms that I’m missing?

I appreciate any response.

Don’t have any direct experience with any of those, but I’ve always been a fan of Draculino (head coach at Gracie Barra Texas in Houston) and the black belts he has produced (like Brandon Mullins) have not only done very well in competitions, but also seem to show high levels of technical understanding and ability to share their knowledge, which is one of the biggest indicators of a good teacher IME.

Yeah I’m also a fan of his youtube videos. GB Texas is pretty far from me though, and with traffic it’s not really workable as an every-day gym.