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BJJ Gym in College Station, TX?


does anybody know of a good solid gym with bjj in the college station tx area? i've been here a while but i cant find any good gyms.

thanks for the help


So basically I was going to (kindly) rip you a new asshole about using google till I decided to google it myself and see what pops up.

i got these



fucking hall of champions

So the gods of teh internetz forgive you for not utilizing google. anyway I hope someone can help.


Umm..Xen..let me help you 'ole pal..since this is my "neck of "the woods"...literally. Tyler,TX and Bastrop,TX are a good ways from College Station. And I hate gi's with cowboy hats...just my worthless two cents.

Brazos Valley MMA(College Station):

Death Row MMA(Huntsville)

(ALL things related to TX schools and events)
You will probably have better luck asking around the forums there.

Oh and ask around about Optimum Martial Arts in Bryan as well..I think they're still open..not sure...its a small school.


yea i don't know texas for shit, but just saying i googled "BJJ Gym in College Station, TX" and if that's what pops up then holy fuck i am sorry for that poor guy.

and bro I don't hate gi's...but i do hate CAMOUFLAGE GI's

and "junior instructors" that are 8yrs old and wear yellow belts.


Well..I'm in Fort Hood area...camo gi's abound. Which reminds me of Army Combatives Tourney this past weekend. Big John McCarthy was guest ref...I think this marked his return to refereeing.

LOL. What I posted is pretty much all he'll have to go on. Brazos Valley MMA has some good BJJ guys that competed in Atama and NAGA tourneys not too long ago...so I think that will be his best bet.


Why don't you just go to A&M and see if the BJJ club will let you train with them?

I am sure the same would apply to the judo club at A&M.




are you in TX as well? If so,whereabout? I remember seeing a video you posted from Relson Gracie Tourney in San Antonio on here a while back.


Dammit, you boys should be in Austin with me!

(/hijack. Sorry, I didn't train today & I'm bored & I'm in Texas. hangs head, sighs, leaves thread)


Ehh.. maybe we should just form the Texas chapter of T-Nation combat forum. make it a point to meet up once or twice a year and do an all out weekend training session.


Hell..I'm up for that idea...whereabout in TX are you,haney1?


shows up in pink singlet

anybody wanna wrassle?


be careful what you ask...we got some serious "wrasslin" folks down this way. "Californian succumbs to Iron Claw."


North Houston area to be exact.


Holy cannoli, I would love that!


Cool....I'm over in Killeen/Harker Heights....right up the road from Miss Parker.


Nice. Now we just need to actually plan it.


Is February too far away to do it? I'm just thinking that with the holidays creeping up, now is a difficult time for us all to find an open weekend. And after the holidays we should all have a bit more $. However, the only time I absolutely can't do it is January 17, that's my next rank test. Any other time from now til then, or after, & I'll try to work it in for sure.

Also, if we do it in Austin, a couple of people who want to stay in town overnight could probably stay at my house (have to clear this with my husband before its a solid offer).

Where is everybody other than Big Boss & Haney1, so we can figure out a convenient location?


I like the chubby balding guy in the john deer shirt holding his arms out wide in the Death Row front page. Huntsville Classic.


Yep....classic Huntsville....but those guys train hard and have legit talent.