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BJJ Gym Goes MMA


The place where I have just started training BJJ has just reinvented itself as an MMA gym. When I started (all of two weeks ago) it was BJJ (a Gracie Barra) and JJJ, but they told me they were redoing the timetable in a couple of weeks.

I have logged on to their website to check out the new timetable and found that the new "headline" is MMA training, blending BJJ, JJJ and Kickboxing, which never used to be on the agenda.

I find this really odd. After my first session the sensei was telling me how he respected MMA fighters, and was happy to train them in groundfighting, but really appreciated students who showed dedication to BJJ and focussed all their training efforts on doing as well as they could in the one sport. Now suddenly he runs an MMA gym.

I am a bit disappointed to be honest, I really like the atmosphere and training philosophy of the place- is this likely to change now it is being marketed as an MMA gym?




My muay thai gym is currently going the way of the mcdojo... Seriously it's like muay thai-lite lately. fight team training is still good but everything else is just too "nice".

but yea like corrosion said, its about the $$$.

I will say this though, the money has a purpose. If they don't let it go to the head it'll just benefit you.

Like at my gym, we have a huge space now, lots of training equipment. Because if it was JUST a fighter's gym, we'd only have about 5-8 people. But we have like 140 on the roster, probably about 90 people throughout classes everyday. Which is sick and allows us a ton of opportunities we wouldn't have.

imo, it shouldn't be about the money but it is the only way to survive really.

And MMA is going to attract a LOT of people.


give it a shot...bjj is a lot different when the guy on top can whack you in the head


Ha, yeah I can imagine.

The thing is it ain't cheap and its a long drive from my house. If I wanted to train MMA there are gyms that are cheaper and nearer. But yeah, I won't judge till I have seen it in action.


Sorry to double post but I was looking at folk telling someone to wrestle in school because its cheap. Got me wondering why MMA is so damned expensive? Just supply and demand? I mean boxing and judo clubs around me are £2-3 a session, MMA is closer to £8 on average.


MA (in America at least) have always been a bit expensive. The average person who walks into a gym(mcdojo or other) usually doesn't know a lot about MA, so they tend to think the more they are paying, the better the school must be.

I would think that some instructors are looking at what it costs to keep the doors open, and charges accordingly(plus a profit of course). But an 'MMA gym' can't be any more expensive to run than boxing or judo, so it is probably just because MMA is the new hot thing.


Usually mma gyms still train a variety of styles and then blend them for the mma class.

Your bjj class will be the same. The instructor and classmates make it what it is.

Most likely the gym will stay the same. It just changed it's headline for marketing purposes.


Many judo gyms are run as non-profit organizations and it is not uncommon for instructors to not make a salary (they have day job and then coach at night as hobby). The hours are also usually much more limited, while MMA and BJJ gyms tend to be open 6 days/week with lots of open mat time in addition to instruction.