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BJJ/Combatives Training Plan

hey, i was hoping y’all could take a look at a training plan i have for BJJ/Army Combatives.

some of my Army buddies and i are going to be rolling in the mornings, and i was thinking of a plan similar to this:

Day 1
Subs from Guard
Pass Guard

Day 2
Subs from Mount
Pass Mount

Day 3
Subs from Side Mount
Pass Side Mount
Also, Side Guard work

Day 4
Single and Double legs

and this would rotate, M-W-F

some days we’ll do more live rolling, and may or may not add standup. depends if they want to.

does this look like a reasonable plan, as far as focusing on positions and techniques from a logical progression?



I would generally work on passes through to submissions, you guys probably already have a good grasp of things but position before submission tends to be the drill.

I might chuck a bit of time in for trouble spots. For instance I tend to find I get stuck in half guard a bit so half guard passes are helpful for me to work on from time to time.

Looks like a good setup though. With a morning of time (2-3 hours) you’ll probalby find you can work through a lot more than you’ve got up there too.

Good luck, rolling is fucking fun :slight_smile:


ahh, good point. there are only a couple really good passing/transition drills that i know, though. any ideas?

right now we’re all a little rusty, so we’ll prolly start slow, and just focus on a trouble spot as it develops, instead of trying to force the training. none of us are gonna be the next big UFC star, so we don’t have any problem slowing things down and learning it right…

thanks again,


I’m not sure of ‘drills’ per se but you can just do the passes and then drill as basically work to pass then swap using only the passing moves you’ve allowed. That way it makes it harder because the person in position (being passed) knows what’s coming so you have to be much better with the pass or better at throwing them curve balls :wink:

I’d check out submissions101 on youtube, they’re great and the linked videos will naturally give you other great people to learn drills or ideas from.

I’d probably stick to learning the moves then drilling them in rolling. Ie limiting the passes to what you’ve just learned so that the person being passed has a limited amoutn of things to respond to so you as the passer have to be much better at it. Also if you are looking to learn then feedback is great. After a roll let each other know what you thought the other wasn’t doing well.

I foudn it easy to pass you when you did this, it didn’t feel like you had balance here, keep your weight down here, too much space there. etc.

I am a fan of the do a move, then drill in rolling. Others may differ in their POV though. I’m not a big fan of ‘drills’ for the sake of it. Ie rolling down a matt as a build up to learning omoplatas… no thanks.

Anyway, good luck, keep it fun :slight_smile: