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Ok, I have a question for ya’ll. A friend of mine phoned me up the other day and asked me a question. After this phone call it took me two days to come up with an answer. This friend has an internet porn site and he regularly tells me about all the awesome T-vixens he photographs. He tells me a girl came to him the other day asking him to find her a man to videotape with. She wants to make an hour long blowjob video - she claims to be the best in Canada and wants to prove it on his site!!! He then tells me that he wants me to be the faceless person in the video. Well, as amazing as it sounds I had to turn it down…I know what your all thinking but I’m a married man. I did seriousely consider it though. The question I have is whether or not you guys think this was a mistake? I dont consider this an act of cheating but I know my wife would not agree.

How in the hell could that not be considered cheating? Dude, a t-man does NOT cheat on his wife. You made the right choice.

I would like your wife to suck my cock. After all, that’s not cheating, right? Hook me up. Be a pal.

Yea, yea, cheating…whatever. Can you get me your friends number? I’ll be the guy w/o a face.

So if your wife gave a guy a blow job you wouldn’t consider that cheating? That’s mighty big of you. I’m sure there are quite a few men on this forum who would volunteer to act as a stand in dick to see how pissed off you would be if you came home to find your wife on her knees knobbin someone else.

When you got married you made a commitment. Men honor their commitments. If you can’t, get a divorce. Don’t run around getting your knob polished behind her back while trying to justify it as not cheating.

You made the right decision, man. That’s definitely cheating in my book (along with most other people’s books too). Really, you don’t want to risk anything to lose your wife. Believe me, you’ll really regret it later for just an hour of pleasure with some whore.

You lying sonofabitch.

first, let me say that I am very impressed with the high level of honor among the other T-men here. It’s very contrary to the stereotypes about us guys, and I’m proud to see men unafraid to stand up for their values like this. Yeah, you made the right decision. And I hope you’re reassured by the fact that these T-men haven’t been mocking you, they’ve been patting you on the back to affirm your decision. Tough decision, Good job!

Cheating is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship. And a BJ definitely counts as cheating. But even a kiss or something like sexual conversations can be considered being unfaithful. Don’t make that mistake. Leave the hour-long BJ to some single guy.

Hmmmm…an hour long blow job? Slap yourself on the back for turning it down, that took same balls dude (no pun intended!)

OK, I’ll bite, I have to know. What makes YOU the #1 choice for this job? (puns intended).

Gee, everyone seems to know exactly what to do right off the bat. But let’s be honest. What red blooded guy would not give it a second thought? Yeah, I’m married and I would probably turn it down too, but I think every single one of us would go, hhmmmmm…what would it have been like?

an hour long porno of one blow job? That would be the most boring porno in the history of porn. You made the right choice.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do it. Your mistake would not be turning it down. Your mistake was getting married in the first place. To all you single guys out there, do you see why getting married sucks? You can only get blown by one person for the rest of your life. Ouch.

being married doesn t mean you have to cut your cock away! Listen…there is nothing more pathetic than having your wife(the mother of your chidren) sucking your dick. That a terrible lack of respect. Whores are for that.The wives know this deep down inside.In fact,after awhile, most married women start feeling a decreased amount of interest towards their 100% faithful husband. Men loose “something” when they are faithful for too long. They are considered kind of wimpy. This doesn t mean that you should tell your wife when you cheat on her. that s disrespectful too. A 100% faithful man is a killer to any relationship…This is the truth in most cases.

What the hell are you talking about Aron? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but “A 100% faithful man is a killer to any relationship…” Do you really think that? I hope you’re not married! So, it’s ok for a wife to cheat too? or just a man? Great, maybe you can cheat and pass on a disease, wouldn’t THAT be special - the ultimate in sharing!

Big Chief, you did the right thing! and your wife is right, it IS cheating. My mom told me somethig once...'when you stop looking, you're dead' and she's right. It's ok to look, and to some degree it is ok to think 'i'd do her/him' but anything past that and you're treading on thin ice.

And as for getting married and only getting it from one person for the rest of your life, what’s so bad about that? Personally, I’m with an awesome T-man and am looking forward to just that! And if our past is any indication, things are only gonna get hotter. Sure, you have to work at it sometimes, but who else besides your wife (or husband) knows exactly what to do to make you scream with pleasure? Kudos to all of you who think ‘marriage’ is more than just a word!!!

Wow! I’m happy to see I did the right thing. I know if I would have done it, it would have been one of my dreams come true. I just dont think it’s possible to just let your conscience go and forget about it. I would always be thinking about it when my wife and I are getting it on. You’d have to be a pretty shady character to lie like that. I guess I’ll have to resort to fantasy - since I get maybe 2 blowjobs a year now.

I disagree w/ Aron that infidelity is necessary to keep your woman, but it does skirt around the same kind of psychology that Chris Shugart wrote about in his “getting laid” article. I agree that a hint of a possibility that you can get another woman if you wanted to keeps things fresh. The same goes for a woman. If you know that if you treat her badly, she’ll leave for another guy, you’ll do more to keep her.

Marriage is a contract designed to force two people to stay together even when it is no longer in their best interests to do so. Those seeking to enter a marriage contract are usually insecure about themselves and wish to make their worst fear (being left because of inadequacies) impossible by legal means.

If people love each other, then they will stay together; if they do not love each other, then they should not stay together. Consequently, no legal ‘commitement enforcer’ is required or desired.

aron, I definitely disagree that a blowjob is “pathetic” and shows “a terrible lack of respect.” For most red-blooded men, a blowjob is great experience, and ideally, partners should strive to make their spouses feel loved. I know when my significant other and I are intimate like that, it’s another form of bonding and I feel much closer to her. But if you think of a blowjob as “sucking my dick”, then you are bound to think it’s disrespectful.