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BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez UFC 105



We also get to see Michael Bitchbing vs Denis Kang.


I would say BJ wins easily if he trains right. (That said, I am definitely a BJ fan, so a little biased) I've never heard of Kang. Is this going to be another softball from Dana for his UK business plan?


YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF KANG!?!? WTF! Fought in Japan and did very well until recently.


I don't really follow the Japanese stuff. I'm not really that much of a fan of MMA in a ring vs. the cage. The constant ref resetting of the fight when they get in the ropes gets on my nerves.


BJ is at a different level when it comes to jits and boxing than Diego. The only thing that Diego does better is kicking. I predict BJ chokes out Diego in the 2nd or 3rd.


HG thrower Kang is superbly skilled, and unlucky- or has stage fright.

this thread and the BJ vs Diego fight is going to go the same as the Ken Flo thread and fight.
Ken/flo/diego/xxx is gonaa sonon BJ penn.
BJ penn isn't going to train right.
He is lazy, Ken/flo/diego/xxx is gonna out work out strike out wrestle
and gnp or KO or submitt BJ.

Yes GSP did indeed Sonson Bj penn you brotards, but this is bj baby jesus penn at 155.
Lyoto with a 50lb weight advantage didn't do it. Go watch that fight.
Go watch him bully the Gracies. Or make Matt hughes at his peak eat dirt.then come back.

Really Diego is going to push the pace. And eventually get outclassed.
Diego is a powerful dude. with Crazy powers or cardio but he isnt going to win.
BJ can beat anyone at 155 if he wants. Its likely he does

Likely he can beat several low and mid tier people at 170 but not the top.



I hope Penn beats the hell out of Diego. I didn't care for him after TUF nor when he beat Karo P.

Especially after he said Karo wasn't going to do that "Judo shit" to him and then he slam him a couple of times on the mat.


I hope Penn beats the hell out of Diego. I didn't care for him after TUF nor when he beat Karo P.

Especially after he said Karo wasn't going to do that "Judo shit" to him and then he slam him a couple of times on the mat.


I think Kang is a little overrated as a whole.

He's a solid fighter, but nothing more. His most notable wins were against Ninja and Gono - the fight with Gono wasn't very exciting, and I thought Kang won only because of top control. The fight with Ninja ended too soon to tell us anything reliable - the hit that fucked up the Brazilian was something like Brock's hit on Couture or Serra's hit on GSP - very powerful and just on the side of the temple, not so much of an error on the side of the recipient of the strike.

As of BJ vs Diego, I have always thought that this is great matchup. Diego has good submission defense and is very good wrestler with some new-found striking, and BJ is BJ - if he's in shape, he can fuck you up, even if you are bigger, like Diego will be.

I say BJ submits Diego via RNC.


Diego will definitely set the pace, but I think BJ will be too much for him and submit him. Diego is crazy good and has great submission defense, but he's going against the best at 155. After what BJ did to KenFlo, he could easily do the same to Diego, although I see Diego giving a better fight than KenFlo. BJ 2nd round RNC.

Is it true this will be on Spike? If so, will we ever see Diego fight on PPV? Been a while.


Im interested to see BJ agaonst the top 170ers not named GSP. Fitch reminds me of Hughes and I don't know if Thiago Alves could knock him out with his giant Melon Head.


i think this is a really good fight for the lightweight division.

i don't see Sanchez beating Penn if Penn comes in prepared. but if he doesn't then Sanchez has a lot of ways to win, just like Penn. i thought Sanchez's last fight was awesome (should've been a UD instead of SD-shit the first round was 10-8) and he has improved more than any fighter i've seen at that level. still, BJ is BJ....he can do it all, and has done it all.

the Bisping-Kang fight looks to be kind of a test for Bisping.....if he get a win, it's a win over a legitimate, tough fighter. but if it's a loss, well Kang isn't all that experienced in the UFC, and has had some disappointing performances.


I'm actually gonna be excited about this fight. I think Diego might give him some problems with his reach, idk.


Tough call here. Diego's never been finished to my knowledge. He's tough as hell, but BJ has fought much, much tougher competition. This may be the first fight of BJ's where I actually want him to win. Diego is such a blowhard, all that Jesus crap . . .


I've got BJ on this one, he will destroy Dirty Sanchez. I hate
how Diego is always trying to exaggerate his intensity and feels the need
to scream like a bitch when he hits and growls. It's rather annoying.


I think White is tired of seeing his British Bitch losing. Bisping is good for ratings, especially in the UK and Europe as a whole. It's good business to set Bisping up for a win. Plus he's a bitch and has gotten his ass handed to him so he needs to knocked down a peg to fight some no name.


I think some of you underestimate Diego. I think BJ Penn will win by decision. Shanchez has been a really fun fighter to watch especially with his improved striking.


BJ is a Blow Job. I hate that fucker


I'm British and would much rather watch good fighters and good MMA fights than Michael Bisping just because he's British, i think this true for any true MMA fans. I'd like to see a British fighter do well and get more fights on his merits not just so UFC can promote itself over here.