BJ Penn Training with Mark Marinovich

Are you concerned about this?

Was watching his countdown video and Marinovich is all into bosu ball unstable surface shit. Maybe he has been brainwashed by T-Nation, snd I guess we’ll see how he does, but it seems to me like Penn should be focusing on his conditioning. Even if the unstable surface stuff works, Penn’s motor control is obviously already off the charts…it is his gas tank that I would be worried about.

If you want to watch the video:


Marinovich trained Penn for his last fight v. KenFlo, and it fared well for Penn with a late round (4) submission. I guess it’s hard to judge Marv’s effectiveness just based on one fight.

On Bjs blogs he does the rowing machine and sprints as well.

Not really- lots of fighters do stupid shit training.

As crazy as Marv Marinovich is , this isnt all BJ is doing.
Bj’s gas tank didnt seem to hurt with his fight with kenny.

Marv is also big on sprints, intervals, swimming and loves the rowing machine.

you can watch the countdown here too

and here

BJ looked amazing tonight so i think it’s safe to say that marinovich is doin something right