Bizzarre Strength Coaches

I just got back from the Sport Specific NSCA conference and was surprised at what I saw (or rather, DIDN’T see). Despite many of the attendees being over 230lbs, I only saw only one guy (besides myself) eating during talks over the entire weekend! Met-Rx is giving away protein Barr’s in the next room, and everybody was taking 5 hour breaks between meals (gotta get their 3-square meals a day:). What’s up with that?

I felt like a freak for eating as often as I did… But it was not the crowd in which I expected to be “different”.

Been there, done that, Dave! It’s amazing that no one seems to recognize diet as actually being important. They could at least have some potato chips and soda mid-lecture to humor us, eh?

I wont say where this place actually was, but at a college I interned at, the S&C coaches, who were extremely knowledgeabl about training, had some of the worst nutritional habits/reccomentations I’ve ever seen.

I hardly know anyone who eats healthy and more often. The only ones are one of my old buddies and my brothers (from my influence). Everyone at my school thinks I’m some kind of freak cause of how much I eat. Nobody understands.

The athletic/sports community has always been ignorant of diet/supplementaion. Most coaching is old-school and the philosophy is hard work in the gym and not really much emphasis on what’s going on outside the gym. Of course drugs are very well known of, and used(though of course, they wont say so) so that makes up for the poor diet and lifestyle habits. Go to a bodybuilding seminar, especially one geared(no pun intended) to natural athletes, and I bet you’ll see everyone there carrying around a lunch box!