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Bizarre Injuries


This morning I was putting on some shorts and when I lifted my leg an intense pain permeated my lower back (the tailbone region), I fell to the floor and could barely get up. I had to use my dog to help me get up. Its been sore all day long. I did some light bent over rows yesterday, and 20 rep squats a few days ago...I don't know what its from.

Anybody get injured doing mundane things like that? Kinda like the baseball pitcher injuring himself playing guitar hero, etc.


My father blew out his back pretty badly wrapping a Christmas present one year.

He should've been deadlifting more.


Sounds like the same problem I have encountered. I was swinging my legs around to slide out of the front seat of my van. I felt a tweek in the lower back tailbone area.
Crippling pain, reduced me to a pathetic whimpering baby. A six year old could have kicked the crap out of me and I would have had to take it.

Thought I was healed for the most part. Did some core work this evening and now I'm suffering for it. Worst is it's in a spot that can't be rubbed and is difficult to stretch out as well.

Misery may love company but I would only wish this on a couple of individuals, and they're real low lifes!

Good luck healing up. Best I can figure it's upper body twists that seem to really aggravate it the most. It is lasting a long time with me because my work requires upper body twisting.


Ya... totally... I
bent behind myself to grab a chair with one arm... light tear in my shoulder... I also throw my rhomboids out doing dumb shit (like tying my shoe lol)... sucks...


WTF is the matter with you? Could you elaborate a little more? That's like me saying I video taped myself bench pressing 800 lbs while having sex with all the milfs of the world at the same time but I didn't link to the video.

Was he wrapping up socks and underwear and this was divine punishment? I'm hoping it was motorcycle he had pressed over his head to make sure no engine chrome was showing through.

Not really bizarre but my father broke his foot (not severely) when he was sky diving. He landed just a little wrong and had to get it casted up no big deal. The bizarre thing was that he made us tell everyone that he fell off the roof while painting the house. I've never really understood why...I'll have to ask him this weekend.


Do you really want me to answer this?


Alright, it was some decent-sized box (har) for my nephew.

That sounds much dirtier than it was, you pervert.


I broke my collarbone playing touch football. I was running in for the score, lost my balance, and landed on my face. One of the more embarrassing injuries of my life. The irony is that I wasn't allowed to play tackle football as a kid due to the danger. We played anyway, and no one ever got hurt.


I caught a baseball bat with my cheekbone once.

It wasn't a very good catcher.


It wasn't eh? :wink:

I've likely broken EVERY bone in my body at one time or other... except my legs... thank god..


You should of said "package" it's dirtier than "box" unless you embellish how girlie the item is. Scratch that (now that's dirty) I guess it is dirty my mind just doesn't think that way about box like it does package...holy fuck I caught teh Ghey.

I really need to quit posting after I take Tylenol PM and just masturbate and see if I can cum before I fall asleep. No matter what you win.

What movie is that from?


I caught a baseball with my eye once. It was a foul. My father thought I was dead.


I'm failing to see the relationship between that and a dude wrapping christmas presents.


Yeah, but we're going to need its own thread. Maybe even a "PMPM problem thread. 2.0" I kid, I kid. :slight_smile:

I severely tweaked a nerve, like, I couldn't lift my head off my shoulder, or move an inch any other way, with a trap that wouldn't stop contracting. Sleeping. I did it sleeping.


i was biking up a hill once and for whatever reason I just sorta flipped over the front handlebars, landing on my shoulder and breaking my collarbone.

and pmpm, you made me die laughing twice tonight from this thread. makes my crappy night a little better.


I'm just waiting for someone to post saying they broke their dick.


Remember that kid who thought he broke his GF?


Haha, no, please explain.


When I was fifteen I was having kinky sex with an older girl at her parents house, during the day and things got a bit heated and we were playing around and I pushed this long candle up her ass (at her request, I'd like to add).

Anyway the waxy fucker, it snapped up there.

She started panicing, and I felt that same wave of panic you feel when you get your arm or leg trapped in something when you're a kid when I heard the front door go. I basically ran for it, half naked and left her (I am not proud of this - and if it ever happens again, I can assure you I am going staying to face the music ... ..)

I called her later on and she told me she had to come clean with her dad (who'd come home) and he'd taken her to hospital to get it taken out.

Anywho, fast forward fifteen years and I saw her in a bar a couple of weeks ago when I was back visiting family where I grew up, she told me she still shits retangluar turds after all these years.

Does that count as a bizzare injury?


40 Year Old Virgin, right?


I spilled scalding hot Hardee's coffee on my junk once.