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Bizarre Injection Issue, Crashed Gear

Long time forum lurker, first time poster.

Currently on TRT through a private clinic after a lengthy history of blast and cruise. I get prescribed a month supply of injections through my clinic. I inadvertently left my supply in the console of my truck for two nights in a row. I live where the temperature is in the single digits on both nights, although my truck was parked in the garage, which would make it slightly warmer.

In any event, I was concerned that my supply crashed, but it appeared completely normal upon inspection (no cloudiness, visible particles, etc.). To be safe, I placed a syringe in a baggie and submerged it in hot tap water for a minute or so.

I’ve done thousands of injections over the years but this was one of the first times I forgot to aspirate. Just completely spaced it, going through the motions. I must have nicked a vein or blood vessel (quad shot) because I got tightness in my chest and coughed a couple times. This quickly resolved and I felt completely fine a few minutes later.

I then started thinking (hopefully irrationally) “what if the gear was crashed from the cold and I got a tiny particle into my bloodstream?”

My questions are:

  1. If my gear was crashed, would I have been able to clearly see this?
  2. If the gear was crashed and I did hit a vein or blood vessel, is it possible for a particle to have entered my bloodstream? What would happen if it did?

Thanks a lot for your help fellas.

If it was crashed you’d know it. You’d have seen some evidence beforehand. And if you’re telling me you inspected it before you did the injection then I’m going to guess that you’re right and probably needn’t worry.

Incidentally I have never once aspirated before an injection and I have no idea why anyone does.

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it’s ridiculous. my girlfriend is a nurse, and she never does. she told me she’s never seen any of the other nurses do it either, that’s not something they teach. I do wonder how the concept became so ingrained in the steroid world.


Relax. Seems your making a bigger deal of this than necessary. It is actually recommended that you not aspirate. My Dr told me specifically that it is not required because these injections are IM.


Thanks for the information guys, i appreciate it. I’ll stop worrying about it. Also, re: aspirating: you learn something new everyday. Thanks again.

I had this happen to me the other day. I was injecting my primoteston, saw blood drip out almost as soon as I inserted the needle however I kept injecting. I immediately got a constricting type of feeling in my lungs and began. to cough uncontrollably and violently for about five mins. Acute respiratory distress has been clinically documented with use of anabolic agents, the exact mechanism as to why I’m not so sure, however it does exist, I didn’t freak out because I knew it was something that had the potential to happen, I did learn however that if there’s blood, you should probs find another site to inject… That being said I was in a hurry and if it happens again I probably would still keep injecting because I’m an idiot sometimes.

Hey man got a quick question about my quad after pin. Was wondering if you would give me your opinion

what’s the question

It drives me crazy when people ask to ask a question. Especially on a forum. Just ask the damn question!


I’ve never pinned in my quad before just started and only doing 150mg of cyp but my quad keeps swelling and is sore not at injection site though. Why is this and is it something to be concerned about?

how many times has this happened?

I took the first shot hand length down from my waist with no problems. The 2nd in my left quad swoll up and the 3rd in my right swoll up but I went kinda midways thigh on 2nd and 3rd.

So twice back to back

Keep practicing. It will get better and easier. One of the members here has a shot location chart I found to be helpful. I think it was @studhammer. Was it you that had that shot location? Could you share it here again.

@sb85 Was there any other symptoms? Or just swelling?

I do have that picture but unfortunately that’s at my work computer and I am on my phone right now

I can get that tomorrow morning though

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Just to be perfectly clear, this is where I pin when I have to do it myself. Typically, my wife pins me in the glutes. When she cant, this is where I pin. Minimal pain, no bleeding, and easy access/visibility.

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vastus lateralis has been the best location for me in terms of avoiding swelling/pip. it’s always a smooth shot.


I don’t aspirate. My wife who is also a doctor doesn’t aspirate when she injects me haha. I feel like people make this just so much more complicated then necessary.


Do you go in a slight angle? or do you just got straight in, as in, looking down at your leg, straight down into that muscle? Or do you come from the side slightly? Also have you ever had issues with scar tissue build up?