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Bizarre Gym Incident

I didn’t actually witness this, but my roommate did and told me about it. This guy comes into the weight room and puts 495 on the Smith Machine. Then he put a bench underneath with plans of bench pressing it. Instead of lifting though he stared at the machine, felt the bar, and adjusted the bench for over 30 minutes without ever actually lifting. He then went and put another 25 on each side to bring it up to 545. My roommate then went out to the water fountain and saw the guy pop a big handful of pills and then nod at him (my roommate) as if to say “oh yeah, I’m hardcore.” So the guy goes back to the Smith Machine and lies down on the bench like he’s ready to lift. He commences to unrack the weight, move it down to the next pin, rerack it, get up, and leave. 3" of movment in one workout.

I have 3 words to describe this guy. Severe mental problems!!

Thanks for making up a story.

Ask your friend how long the guy took to move the weight from one pin to the next.

It’s possible that this guy was doing Pete Sisco’s “Static Contraction” program; you use a Smith or power rack and hold insane amounts of weight in a contracted position for abour 12 seconds. I’ve done the program, and although we were doing multiple sets, I imagine it looked similar to that.

Possible, but unlikely. But, you never know.

Hope it wasn’t some kidn of a real program. LOL. Too funny. :wink:

The only bizzare thing I see, is the guys who curl in the squat rack. Or the trainers that put clients only through the cybex equipment.

Now my roommate also has a story about how this guy who looked like he might have been able to bench press 185 told him that he could bench press 270. My friend asked him how he figured he could do that much and his reply was “I can get 135 for 2 reps, 135 times 2 is equal to 270.”

Reminds me of the guy yesterday who frantically stretched his hammies between every set of bench presses.

MD2006, that’s sweet. My MAX BENCH just went up.

Hey MD, do you work out at a college gym? I swear I saw the same thing a couple of weeks ago. A guy with stick legs, you know, calves and wrists are the same size, loaded the leg press machine with probably 5 wheels each side. Then he stretched, looked around, adjusted the seatback, etc… All in the time my wife and I did 3 sets each. By then I had to point out the fact that he had not even sat down. As my wife and I watch, he finally sits down waits about 30 seconds then gets up and adds weight. He STILL hasn’t lifted a thing. We get near the end of our workout when he finally does maybe 3 reps, wipes the sweat from his brow and leaves-without clearing the machine. What an a–hole!

My roommate pointed the guy out to me today and I’ve seen him train before. I guess he is just really into heavy partials and negatives as thats about all I’ve ever seen him do. I’ve seen him on multiple occasions stap on 4-5 45 lb. plates to a hip belt and do negative chin ups.

On the subject of bringing attention to yourself in the gym I’m looking forward to getting back to the point that I can do cleans with 3 plates on each side and really have people staring and wondering what I’m doing!