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Bizarre Free Testosterone Lab Range

I don’t know if my doctor or if labcorp messed up but I was trying to get testosterone total measured since I messed up the timing of my last draw (and did it 12 hours after injection). Either way, usually free testosterone ranges are 8-25 or so where my last reading was 32. Look at the attached picture of the latest result, the measure is still in pg/mL yet my number was 336 with a range of 47-244. What kind of free testosterone test was this?? How do I interpret that result.

There was an issue with them displaying the wrong unit for a while. I wonder if this is just a result of that being corrected.

Your free is 336 pg/mL which calculates to 33.6 ng/dL

It’s high if you look at the lab ranges. It isn’t high if you know how this stuff works :wink:

Do you ever read and at least try to proccess what people post?

Congrats it’s basically the exact same as your last labs

Its essential for you to take an AI. First case I have come across.You have PMS levels of estrogen judging from your posts.


Wtf are you talking about?

Yes. I forgot to to mention that. Thank you. The only exception for AI use is for trolls. They need to take 1mg EOD.