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Bizarre Abduction


I'm curious what my American friends think about this whole bizarre case. Maybe you've heard it on the news already.

They just caught the suspect:

In short, boy goes missing from his family home in the middle of the night. Police issue an Amber alert for the boy and then an alert for this Hopley guy (who looks pretty guilty of anything) but he does not have any connection to the family and the police don't have any evidence so he is not a suspect. He becomes a suspect eventually. He does have a criminal record but not as a sexual predator but there is some debate as to whether he should be but some charges have been made and dropped in the past.

911 gets an anonymous tip to check the family house and they find the boy unharmed on the couch.


Did anyone else see the title to this thread and think it was some sort freak show trick or accident involving the movement of a leg or something away from the sagital plane of the body? No? Ok, I'm a weirdo.


lol! So if I said child abduction would you have assumed a child was preforming the feat?


Wow, what a super bizzare case.

Honestly this sounds like a prank of some sort. Or the suspect wigged out and returned the boy unharmed.

Either way thank god the boy is ok and back home.


Maybe lateral raises using toddlers instead of dumbbells.


Yeah it really is odd. The police and media are being strange too. Everyone IRL seems to be talking about how bizarre it is and some things don't make a lot of sense but the police and media keep reiterating it's a miracle and no one is publicly asking or answering questions.

But we spend a few days hearing the repeated message about the missing boy and we all knew how terribly that was going to end but we were all thankfully wrong. Maybe there's some weird psychology going on.


Before I give my opinion, I want to know why you specify a desire for american opinions.


Because you guys have Nancy Grace :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though because while I've always thought our media is cut from the same cloth, in the case I'm kind of surprised and wonder if American media would be presenting it differently. And because you guys probably haven't been getting all the coverage this has been getting here.



Not wanting other Canadians opinion on this subject? Just for that I'm going to rub one out in your food.




lol Typical passive aggressive Canadian.

Sure I'll take Canadian opinions too. But this is a mostly American site so I'd expect more Americans anyhow.


Man, Shrek is really giving it the old college try there!

Glad the kid is back - truly a bizarre case.

Speaking of bizarre cases, a little birdie informed me that Wade Belak didn't kill himself. He pulled a Carradine.


I don't know what our media would say, probably whatever brought the most viewers so they could sell commercial ad time slots.

But yes, ya'll are pretty much a subsidiary of us in many ways, media included.

So my superior opinion :wink: is this:

The family should have had their door locked.

They should have had a gun available.

They should have had an activated alarm.

They should have shot the intruder on sight.

Canada should call that self defense.

The story should be over.

I've loved my trips to the Great White North. Other than all the tight little asses running around, the whole country has a "small town" feel. We live in a dangerous world though and the danger is moving north.

You just can't be so trusting and you should be ready and willing to defend yourself, family and possessions.

Given the outcome of the story though, either this is a stunt for attention or the emotional appeal actually worked because you canadians are so friendly even your child abducters feel the tugs of a heart string.


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Is a Carradine the same as a Michael Hutchence?


Probably something to do with the Illuminati, obviously.


Yes, but in a wardrobe.


Yeah that's what it smells like but there isn't any evidence of that either. I want to say I hope that's not true because it is awful but then again having a pedophile plucking kids out of the bed they share with a sibling is pretty awful too.

At least the kids okay either way.


Squared and level.



Maybe he was in Narnia? Should search the house for a whoredrobe.

Sad, but the only thing that makes sence is what BBB said.

Sort of like the Balloon Boy. Regardless, I'm glad the boy is okay and I hope the family gets help.