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Biweekly Injection Success?


Recently diagnosed during a physical and subsequent lab tests by my family practitioner who suggested a three month TRT trial. I told him I would get back to him, during which time I did a ton of research here and elsewhere. After deciding to give it a shot, I told him I’d like to do the trial and preferred weekly injections as that seems to be a common theme in my research. Doc says 200mg biweekly, no self injections.

I’m fine with the no self injections, I’m not a needle guy, but is the biweekly schedule a deal breaker. Does it always cause complications? Is it such a deal breaker as to go to Defy or the like and pay out of pocket?

Thanks for the advice.


I have nothing much to add other than the stickies I suggested in your other thread. This should have been there for context.

You are aware of the crashes. Note that E2 management with anastrozole is then impossible to do right.

See the finding a TRT doc sticky.

See 2nd post in 1st topic in this thread.

You simply need a different doctor… as you have concluded.