Bivens’s Velocity Diet Log

I just received 4 bags of Metabolic Drive so this seemed like the perfect time to do the Velocity Diet. I’m currently at 174 lbs and at a guess somewhere around 14-16%bf

I use Cronometer to track my food intake but this is pretty much how I will be eating everyday even on :off" days because i usually still hit abs and do some weighted carries.

The training program I’m doing is the Eternal Warrior Program and I’m on week 11 right now. I’ll probably run the same program again because I enjoy this style of working out.

Might notice the lack of Flameout. I’m using a liquid fish oil because i can’t swallow those dang pills. haha


Looking solid and primed for what’s ahead.

Have you done the Velocity Diet before?

I’ve never done it before. I like how it keeps it simple to follow and doesn’t have me living in the kitchen meal prepping all the time.

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It’s been years since I’ve done it, but that was one of my favorite things too. Simple and effective.

Today is a low intensity type day with reps being a 8 RPE .

½ serving of Surge Workout Fuel pre and another peri workout.

Abs/Traps/ Weighted Carries

Warm up 5 min Airdyne

3 rounds of all:

A1. Seated Cable Crunch
A2. Trap bar shrug - carry - shrug
(2min on Airdyne)

B1. Serrated Crunch
B2. Zercher shrug - carry - shrug
( 2 min on rower)

C1. Cable Shrugs with slight row
C2. One arm KB farmers walk

Finished with 5 min on Airdyne and walked 1.5 miles while drinking my Surge Workout Fuel

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The Eternal Warrior Plan is pretty awesome. You could probably skip the V-Diet’s recommended brisk daily walks, though walking more is never really a bad idea and shouldn’t interfere with anything. Your calorie burn will be high on the Eternal Warrior Plan, so keep that mind and make weekly adjustments as needed.

The plan is pretty intense, so here’s something to play around with: ingest 75% of your Surge Workout Fuel before beginning the workout, then spread the rest out. I’ve found that although this isn’t exactly what the directions say, for intense workouts I get even better results consuming most of my Surge pre-workout. I then mix the last 25% with water and sip that during training and whatever is left after training. Just a tweak to play around with. Might be especially helpful if your healthy solid meal of the day is on the lower-carb side.

Looking forward to following your progress!


1st week of Velocity Diet done. I’ve stayed fairly close to the diet except for still struggling with the nighttime eating and there was a day of some rum drinking due to a birthday celebration.

The calorie reduction hasn’t hurt my performance in the Eternal Workout plan and the advice from Chris on how to consume my workout fuel helped a lot.

Total weight lost this week was 2.7 lbs . I figure the first week will be the higher weight loss week and the remaining weeks will be lower.


Dude! You look almost like the spitting image of the Ultimate Warrior! Great work! I suppose it’s very appropriate that the program you’re running is “Eternal Warrior” haha

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Great job. Hopefully the fat loss stays consistent

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Weighed in at 169 today, so lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I’m really happy with the progress!

This week was the last week in the Eternal Warrior Program and the plan was to switch to a Lift Specific structured program while in a slight calorie surplus.

So I’m going to still follow the setup of the Velocity Diet but add in some extra serving of Surge Workout Fuel during the training to be in a slight surplus.

I know I’m not finishing the whole 28 days but I had this setup planed before the diet so I’m going to go with it knowing that the weight is gonna increase but hoping with Velocity it’ll be mostly lean muscle mass with only a slight increase in fat.


amazing progress. you look fantastic.

how tall are you?


5’ 10”

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Awesome progress. Whatever modifications you make, you clearly know what you’re doing and have a good feel for what works for you. Props!

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Change of plans. Was going to go into a lift specific program at a calorie surplus but just booked a vacation in the Keys so back on the Velocity Diet.

The week at a surplus did bump my weight up more than I thought it would but hopeful mostly water retention due to the increase in carbohydrates.

I’ll be doing the Advanced Eternal Warrior program again starting at Week 1 and hopefully be adding weight to the exercises from the first go around.

I know it’s common to say “I’ll start on Monday” but I know me and will try and eat as much as I can until then so I started this afternoon as soon as the trip was booked.

I’m curious, what does the eternal
warrior program entail? Would it be doable in a garage gym? And how many days a week is it?

I appreciate your time.

Monday - Lower Body
Tuesday - Upper Body Push
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Pull
Friday - Off
Saturday - Barbarian Day
Sunday - Off

A workout will start with a Preparation warmup of body weight exercises and Explosive work. The first exercise is done for strength with rest between sets.

The second section of the workout exercises are the same muscle group done with 3 weight lifting exercises in a giant set with your rest time spent on cardio equipment.

The third section is 3 cardio exercises done in a giant set with your rest time spent on cardio equipment.

I also workout in a garage gym and this is one of my favorite programs I’ve purchased from Thibarmy. I would lose focus with rest time and this program keeps you going plus with the farmers walk and sled drags on the Barbarian Day it gets you out of the garage doing hard but fun exercises.

The only equipment I had to purchase was a
shoulderok (wished I bought it long ago) and I made my own drag sled. I already had a weighted vest and so that’s something else you might need if you have all the basics of a garage gym. For the cardio part I had an Airdyne and rower but that can be substituted with anything that keeps the HR elevated.

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like an awesome program. I’m interested in the longevity aspect and I think I’d be able to do it with what I have if I bought a shoulderok and made my own sled. I already have a weight vest as well.

Thanks again!

The Eternal Warrior program on T Nation is really good. The one I’m doing is the one he sales on Thibarmy and it’s the Advanced Eternal Workout .

I like following a training plan that has everything wrote out for me to do. I feel more confident in it but it kills some people’s motivation to have such a strict guide to follow.

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Good observation. Some excel with a plan (preferably from someone else who’s a trusted source of info) and some do much better doing their own thing, usually putting together several ideas. I think it’s based on personality and individual motivators. Both have their drawbacks and both can be wildly successful. Always good to know which works best for you.

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