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Bitter Melon

I’ve been reading up on natural methods of controlling blood sugar. It appears that bitter melon has been used with some success throughout the ages to help keep blood sugar down to normal levels. It’s also a staple in oriental cuisine. Apparently bitter melon has a substance that mimics insulin. I found some at a market the other day and just started experimenting with it myself. I’m thinking maybe including it in a stir fry.

It occurs to me that if you want to spike insulin post workout, why not also include some bitter melon in the post workout meal and get even more effect.

Does anybody here have any experience with bitter melon?

It is an ingredient in Poliquin’s Fenuplex or Insulinomics, and both are part of his insulin sensitizing protocol (or something like that).

Take it 30 min before a carb heavy meal.

Poliquins site is down for maintenance, so there’s no info there on it. Maybe at precisionnutrition.com.